These are our rules. Please follow them.  We're not asking for much:

  • Role plays are free to make on the wiki. Creators of said RPs must contact an admin to arrange episode times.

  • If you are participating in a role play, please show up on time.  People have things to do.

  • Vandalism of any wiki properties will result in a block.  Period.

  • No spoiling of TV shows if the episodes mentioned have been recently released (30 minutes to an hour). Please be considerate to people who haven't watched the most recent edition of said show.

  • Advertising is allowed if it doesn't cause any commotion.  Active and trusted members will be allowed to do this more frequently.

  • Annoying spamming will result in a kick.  A ban will be given if the action continues.

  • If you want an emoticon on the wiki, ask an admin to add it.  Please do not bug them (Give them some time to add it).

  • Promotion requests must go through the admins of the wiki (There are 5, so decisions will be solidly made).

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