Heo - He would open his own recording studio with his wonderful voice

Grass- He would spend it to bride the police about his activities at 4:00 that involve children under 8

Meta- He would spend it on a next great movie adventure "Straight Outta Obama".

Toast- Toast

Dark- He would make Goof Troop 2.0

Chwiis- He would spend it on female prostitutes until he learns he has AIDS.

Smalls- Assassination attempt on Chwiis for calling her flat chested

Aqua- Spends it to meet Audrey but is pissed when it's GO trolling.

JRO- Burger King mascot but instead of getting skinny like Jared from Subway gains weight and dies

Rocky- Makes his own Rocky movie.

Fiz- Gets a butt implant and becomes a male Nicki Minaj '

Zee- He wasted it.

Rimie- Spends it to improve his girlfriend boobs


RJ- Spends it so he can buy used tampons from Parvati Shallow, Sandra Diaz Twine, and Kim Spradlin to gain their knowledge about Survivor.