Selena Gomez:Hello I am the host. 15 wiki cuntestants are here to prove that are the biggest ham. They all have no lifes, no power, but most of all, all say g.oddess. Let met the cast now.

Chip's Confessinal:I am the orginal ham. I have created servel wikis all of which floped, I am a Big Brother super fan and most of all I crave power. You know i got to blue level in tengaged. I can do anything right?

Teambethfan4ever's Confessinal:Not only am I a sock of the famous bi polar Ally. I am a extermlly ham sock as well as my entire character is based around Beth! you can't get more hammy then that!

Ally's Confessional:I am the only woman here is better then everyone, and all hams will hope that I win.

Go's Confessional:HAPPY HAMS DO NOT EXIST.

Heo's Confessional:Say if, you wanna call me a ham that is one thing, but at least i am not a jew like Chwiis over there.

Chwiis's Confessinal:Did he just call me a jew?

Selena Gomez:Let spilt up into tribes.

RJ's Confessional:If I am on the right tribe I can take over this entire game.

Selena Gomez:Tribe 1, Ally,Garret,heo,grass, and Milk. Tribe 2 is Rj,Fiz,Teambethfan4ever,Go, and Chip and finally tribe 3 is Chwiis,Aqua,Bat,Rocky, and Rocker!

Aqua:I am not a ham remove me from this fan fic you fat!

Selena Gomez:I am not a fat, you thinking of Demi. Anyways. Each of you may name your tribes.

Rj:Tribe Survivor!

Heo:tribe WWE!

Rocker:Tribe Nicki Minja fans!

Aqua:Omg i love Nicki.

Rocky:she has a nice ass.

Bat:Love it.

Chwiis's confessional:What is this tribe *faceplams*

Selena Gomez:Well head off to camp.

Tribe WWE

Grass:I will go get started on the shelter.

Heo:I'll go help.

Heo's Confessional:Me and Grass get along really well. I can see me and Him getting really far in this game. We are the only hard workers so I can only hope that its keeps us around.

Heo:So grass what where you thinking? 

Grass:We need to finsh this shelter.

Heo:You're right, your right. We don't wanna stargey to hard. That is pretty hammy.


Grass's Confessinal:I like heo. I might as well help rig him a win.

Milk:What do you think there about over there?


Garret:hopfully about comming out. <3

Milk's Confessional:Grass and Heo is a super clear allaince. They need to be spilt up before they have to much power.

Tribe Survivor

GO:I will create new gimmicks to be in fan fics.

GO's Confessinoal:I think I am in a very strong postion on this tribe everybody loves me

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