Ally:Let this HoH comp begin

  • They all get on*

Derpy's Dairy Room: *Screams* Today challenge is to ride on twinkes till you fall off.

JRO:*Eats his and fall off*

Ally:And JRO is first out.

Wanda's Dairy Room:I have wings and could just float all day but I didn't want to look like to big of a threat.

  • Wanda fall off as they start spinning*

Fiz:*Falls off* I didn't make Jeremy proud. :(

  • Heo and small also fall off Cuz unless your name is Ozzy Mexicans are bad at comps*

LeoDark:Im a wizard *Says a spell to make Chwiis and Rocky fall off to troll then let go.

Ally:Half of the houseguest are out let make this temping, next 3 to fall out guess to chose between 3 cases. One is a have not, one has 5K and one is special twist in the game.

Toast:Eh, who needs Hoh? *Falls off and take 5K.

Derpy:*Fall off*

RJ's Dairy Room:I could really use a twist.

Derpy:* Gets have not pass* Damn it!

RJ:Yassss! *Twist says you get an extra vote at any eviction.

Rj's Dairy room:An extra vote do you have any idea what this means to me!

  • Queef and Milk fall off for being Illrevlent*

Ally:And now there are three left.


Grass and Rocker:What?

Aqua:I bet I can Twerk on this. *Twerks then fall off*

Ally:And now there are two.

Rocker's dairy room:I plan on winning most comps like Janelle, I thought I should make a deal with grass.

Rocker:Pssssst hey grass.


Rocker:Drop and I'll keep you safe.

Grass:I'll think about it.

Grass's Dairy room:I think I can trust rocker, Im always the one to unblock him. Plus I don't need the blood on my hands from winning the first HoH. I think I can use Rocker as a shied moving forward

  • Grass drops*

Ally:And rocker has won the first HoH!

Rocker's Dairy Room:Yes I won! #CompBeast this won't be the last time I win.

Rocky's Dairy room:As soon as i saw Rocker win, I knew I was truly fucked.

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