It's that time of year again where we say bye to one year and hello to the next! One of the biggest parts about the New Year is New Years Resolutions! I have the perfect resolution in mind, too. I was thinking back, and I noticed that I have not been acting friendly at all, and have not been nice to anyone, I'll admit it. (and Chwiis, considering that I am writing this, I might be bipolar lmao). But I have decided, my New Years Resolution is to just chill, quoting Heo, "Chill, bruh". I realized why I have gotten the Happy Ham title. I realized why I have fewer friends. But you know, that's gonna change, hopefully. I'll still argue, but not like majorly, just about small things, like if we are talking about stuff in the media right now, or if we are talking about a TV show, you know. I really hope I can stick with this resolution. I have been acting like a spoiled brat this last month. I apologize to anyone I have gotten mad at over stupid, small things. Especially Heo, I'll admit, I have not been nice to him at all. I know that when he says things that aren't so nice, it's because I probably said something worse before it. I have said awful things about the admins here, but honestly, there jobs probably are harder than it seems. They do a pretty good job looking out for this Wiki, not gonna lie. I have no reason to get mad at small stuff. I am pretty sure this is also the reason I lost Mod. I am fine with not being a Chat Moderator, as long as I just, ya know, chill about everything. I just throw these random mood swings out, and get mad at certain people for the smallest stuff. Hopefully we can just all be friends from now on. It's a new year, and new stuff is gonna happen, changes, ya know. Hopefully people will forgive me, and I hope everyone has an amazing year! I predict big things for TDRPW this year, also!

XxAquaInfinityxX (talk) 10:50, January 1, 2015 (UTC) 

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