Short Story 1: Nightmare on Big Mac Street

(JRO sits in his chamber eating his 4th Big Mac of his 3rd Lunch)

Jro's Mom: JRO honey you're getting plump and your father and I think you're getting unsocial


JRO's Mom: JRO you haven't stopped eating since MLK day.

JRO: STFU I'm eating and flapping to Dawn-Gwen porn....Oh the ass licking :O

Jro's Mom: That's it JRO I'm getting help for you............... YOU FATASS JEW!

(A day later)

JRO: *has a bloated stomach* Two more Big Mac's then I can stop....

*Suddenly 4 man with guns and their face hidden barge in JRO's Room*

JRO: :o who are u guys?

The Leader: ISIS Operator and am also head coach of the ISIS Soccer team

JRO: Oh shit what are you going to do bomb me?

The Leader: We're here to help you learn respect!

JRO: Yeah sure thing

The Leader: FUCK U.S.A HAIL ALLAH! Ok Jro do u want vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream

JRO: Both.

  *They arrive at a bridge with JRO strapped with bombs*

JRO: This hardly is a Halloween story.

The Leader: Well stfu and Happy Thanksgiving *pushes JRO off the plane into the TDRPW-TP War Memorial Bridge 

The Leader: Finally we can work our new war plan

  *A plane full of Nazi's and Chwiis show up*

Chwiis: You did nazi that coming!

*A plane full of North Korean's and RJ show up*

RJ & Kim Jong Un: We're Survivor baes but first let's take a selfie!


Haha I ended it when it got interesting so what if this is short I don't give a shit

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