Headline Stories

Arizona Whore Arrested 

Deena a well known Arizona Whore, age unknown, height unknown, Weight about 215 was arrested following a serious coach humping crime. Deena was arrested by the Admin Grass Throttler Jones. Jerry Rod Oakland or "JRO", a Mod of the streets had to say this about Denna. Jro said "She had a nice ass.   

Local Man Makes bad ass deal over nothing 

Garrett age 13, weight 134 height 4'5 was caught in a illegal rule known as the "Rocker says Don't Mess my damn people up" After Rocker or known as Charles caught Garret in the act he called Grass Throttler (the only damn admin that doesn't masturbate every 5 minutes) After Garret was caught. Rocker BeSoma (or whatever her name was) was left with a warm snuggle in her heart after she saw Garret get arrested. Most Experts say "He's is weak to go prison and he is sure to get raped". UPDATE: Garret has raped a 25 year old man. The man said he saw his life flash in his eyes".


Garret's Prison cell mate