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  • ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

    I, Toast is gonna die so here a wii

    I leave Dark my legendary Toast collection

    I leave Rocky my Switch

    I leave Heo all my saved porn pics of Asians

    I leave Grass my Dragonball Bluray collection

    I leave Fiz, Rj and Aqua my Cbs all access account info

    I leave Chwiis Nothing (movie) in shaft by shaft pixles 

    I leave Ethan my 240p resolution monitor

    I leave JRO Subway gift cards so he can be new Jared Fogle

    I leave Rocker some Jordans

    I leave GO my former job at 7/11

    I leave Batman TDI a grammar book

    I leave everyone on TD Wiki to suck my wet soggy toasty dick

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  • ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

    (JRO sits in his chamber eating his 4th Big Mac of his 3rd Lunch)

    Jro's Mom: JRO honey you're getting plump and your father and I think you're getting unsocial

    JRO: STFU Mom 

    JRO's Mom: JRO you haven't stopped eating since MLK day.

    JRO: STFU I'm eating and flapping to Dawn-Gwen porn....Oh the ass licking :O

    Jro's Mom: That's it JRO I'm getting help for you............... YOU FATASS JEW!

    (A day later)

    JRO: *has a bloated stomach* Two more Big Mac's then I can stop....

    *Suddenly 4 man with guns and their face hidden barge in JRO's Room*

    JRO: :o who are u guys?

    The Leader: ISIS Operator and am also head coach of the ISIS Soccer team

    JRO: Oh shit what are you going to do bomb me?

    The Leader: We're here to help you learn respect!

    JRO: Yeah sure thing

    The Lea…

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  • ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

    I'm late but I'll give you a scary story.

    JRO's McDonald's tab........... imagine all the zeroes..........ooooo I scared you.  

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  • ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

    If you're a fan of Pokemon you will probably (not) like Robopon Sun Version it's basically Robot Pokemon. It's the same artwork also no routes so it's not open world like Pokemon also the game itself has a Robopon THAT IS A GRANDMA. It's a great gaming great experience. (Troll)

    Robopon is trash.

    Also I found a bootleg Pokemon game

    It's pretty terrible.

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  • ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

    (The Gang is chilling at Fiz’s safehouse minus JRO,Heo and Smalls)

    Grass: *arrives with mail* Woah holy shit Jro’s parents mailed me JRO’s diet… :|

    Aqua: Who tf mails anymore?

    Rocky: How tf did they even know where we were??

    (Jro comes back)

    Jro: Guys autism camp is over now I can hang out with you guys the whole day

    Chwiis: Fuck Jro’s is back!

    RJ: JRO??? Back?? Not on my watch!

    (RJ,Milk,Aqua and Fiz are in a dumpster)

    RJ: Now we need to move JRO somewhere else!

    Aqua: Good but why did we meet in a dumpster *takes a thong off his head* This disgusts me

    RJ: My tho- I mean I have never seen that thong in my life


    Milk: Die Ethan jokes aren’t funny when y…

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