Jasmine: What do you mean, for the next ten minutes?

Chris: We will be picking teams, four teams of 12, 4 people will be eliminated, hey, with 52 people, you gotta get rid of people a lot, budget cuts. You will choose four people at a time based on the order you finished. The four must include two girls two boys. Jo, pick.

Jo: Hm, Scott, Brick, Courtney, and Jasmine.

Lightning: Samey, Shawn, Duncan, and Heather.


Alejandro: Hm, Tyler, Bridgette, Sky, and DJ.

Jo: Zoey, Scarlett, Topher, and Justin.

Lightning: Amy, Dakota, Harold, and Trent.


Alejandro: Ella, Max, Sugar, Noah.

Chris: 36 are on a team. In danger of going are Leonard, Sadie, B, Dawn, Staci, Ezekiel, Owen, Lindsay, Izzy, Cody, Sierra, Anne Maria, Sam, Mike, Dave, and Blaineley. Jo make 2 choices, one girl one boy.

Jo: Dawn and Cody.

Lightning: Anne Maria and Sam.

Eva: B and Izzy.

Alejandro: Staci and Leonard.

Alejandro: Confessional: Those two are very hated and if we go, one of them leave, not me.

Chris: Jo, to complete your team, pick one male.

Jo: Zeke.

Lightning: Lindsay

Chris: Eva choose Blaineley, Sadie, or Staci to join your team, the other 2 will go.

Eva: Blaineley is old and weak, Sadie is annoying as heck, so I choose Staci, who seems smart ish.

Staci: Yay.

Chris: Alejandro choose Owen, Dave, or Mike to join your team,

Alejandro: Owen.

Chris: Dave, Sadie, Mike, Blaineley, I'm sorry but you 4 are eliminated,

Dave: Good luck Sky.

Sky: Bye Dave..

Zoey: *kisses Mike goodbye* I'll Win for you.

Blaineley: Bridgette Geoff I hope you lose and this show just lost its biggest star!

Dakota: False, I'm here duh!

Katie and Sadie; *hugs each other and cries*

Katie: I can't do this! I need you in my game!

Sadie: Katie you are tough fight fight you can win this!

Sadie Blaineley Mike and Dave: *walks Dock of Shame*

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