Troy: So Demika flipped right?

Dean: Yep..

Willis: This is bullcrap.

Lilac: Ugh...why does the least likable people have to dominate?

Willis: Sorry about Mariah, Lilac.

Lilac: It's okay..I guess..

Lilac: Confessional: I'm really pissed. I really am. Mariah was the most harmless person and they vote her off? They're stupid then. I'm so freaking done.

Lilac: *walks to the majority alliance* Seriously people? Seriously?

Tyrone: Sorry honey but we gotta vote someone out so we voted off that worthless chick.

Lilac: Shut up Tyrone my god you're annoying.

Demika: *whispers* Lilac...calm down.

Lilac: Now you wanna talk Demika? I know you flipped and I'm honestly not shocked. You aren't apart of the core alliance and you just made a stupid move. And you made yourself a flip flopper so congrats :)

Demika: Wow, whatever...

Smith: So what's this supposedly core alliance?

Lilac: I don't know who's apart of it yet but I know for a FACT Demika is at the very very bottom.

Hayley: You thought wrong..

Lilac: Okay then, who's at the bottom?

Aaliyah: Nobody. Everyone here fled their part and we are at the same position.

Lilac: What a lame excuse.

Willis: *joins* What the hell is going on?

Tyrone: Your little alliance member needs to take a chill pill.

Willis: *grabs Lilac and whispers* Get outta here before they plan to vote you off.

Lilac: *rolls eyes and walks off*

Willis: Confessional: Lilac is worrying me. I don't know what she said but it must've not been good. She'll indirectly put a giant target on my back.

Blanca: That was cray.

Smith: If Lilac loses the challenge, are we all on board to vote her off?

Hayley: Absolutely.

Blanca: Yes.

Aaliyah: Mhm.

Tyrone: Hell yes.

Demika: Definitely.


Aaliyah: *walking with Smith and Blanca* I honestly want those 4 people gone already..

Blanca: Same.

Smith: Those 4 are smart..aren't you guys worried..?

Aaliyah: Trust me Smith. I'm not worried. I have the idol :) I'm not even sweating it.

Blanca: OMG good job gurl.

Smith: When did you find it?

Aaliyah: After LaMora left I found it under a pile of leaves.

Blanca: You go :)

Smith: That's gonna be useful...

Aaliyah: Can I trust you two to keep it as a secret?

Blanca: Mhm.

Smith: Yep.

Aaliyah: Confessional: I might have screwed myself but I literally told the two people I trust the most. I have the power. And I will use it when needed..

Tyrone: *walks with Demika* She lost it. *laughs*

Demika: We are the superior Lions. We took out her bestie.

Tyrone: Now we take out the annoying blondie.

Demika: Yeah.


Dean: *walks with Hayley* Just tell it to me. Am I leaving soon?

Hayley: I can't answer that right now...

Dean: Oh..

Hayley: Yeah, sorry.

Dean: Just know this. Remember a few votes ago, I said I'm willing to work with you? I still am. Don't stop realizing that. There's more threatening people here, in your alliance, so watch out.

Hayley: I know that.

Dean: Then why aren't you doing anything?

Hayley: Not yet Dean..

Dean: Confessional: I'm honestly very nervous. I'm not gonna lay my cards out. I'm gonna throw my cards on the ground and it's gonna be dangerous ones..

Lilac: *sits with Willis* You really live on a farm in the middle of nowhere?

Willis: Yep. *laughs* Not that fun. Your daily routine is pretty much..milk a cow, grab eggs from vicious hens, then maybe eat...maybe.

Lilac: That sounds...interesting. Where I live, people can barely pick fruit. It's all focused on malls, technology, and such.

Willis: We don't got malls. We gotta drive about 2 hours to go to Liquor store.

Lilac: Oh my god.

Aaliyah: *far away, watching them uneasily* ...

Aaliyah: Confessional: Those two have been very close lately, DANGEROUSLY close. I'm not sure if they're a power duo or not...

Willis: Confessional: Lilac is just a cool girl and great type of person to hang out with. I kinda wanna go endgame with her.


Blanca: Hi.

Chris: For this challenge, you will hang on a spinning platform. That is it. Last person standing wins immunity.


(Everyone is on platform)

Chris: And...go!

(It begins to spin)

Lilac: *tightly hangs on a small handle*

Blanca: Drunkness..affecting..*falls off quickly*

Lilac: *begins to slip*

Willis: *catches her*

Lilac: Um...thanks..

Troy: *holding on with ease* Sorry gotta play dirty to win *shoves Smith off*

Smith: Hell no *grabs him as he falls off*

Troy: Gah!!

Demika: *begins to get dizzy*

Aaliyah: *turns green*

Hayley: Sorry.. *hops off*

Demika: *slips off*

Blanca: Aaliyah, you're turning green, hop off!

Aaliyah: No..

Dean: *about to fall*

Lilac: *still holding on*

Tyrone: *lets go and slides down platform*

Chris: Four are left. Aaliyah, Lilac, Willis, and-

Dean: *falls off*

Chris: I guess only those 3.

Aaliyah: Agh.. *slips off*

Chris: It is now Lilac versus Willis!

Lilac: *begins to slip off*

Willis: *has a grip*

Lilac: *whispers* Congrats *slips off*

Chris: And Willis wins immunity!!!!!

(Merge Camp)

Lilac: *walks with Willis* I'm really worried after I blew up on them..

Willis: Don't worry...we already have four out of ten votes...two to go.

Lilac: That's true...who are we voting??

Willis: That annoying flip flopper, Dumbika.

Lilac: Okay.

Dean: *joins them* Miss Flipper right?

Lilac: Mhm.

Dean: Okay, I'll tell Troy. How are we gonna gather the numbers?

Lilac: Obviously Tyrone won't vote her. They're a duo.

Willis: Well, I don't know then..


Smith: *sits with Aaliyah and Blanca* So Lilac right?

Blanca: I think so..

Aaliyah: Yeah, Lilac.

Blanca: Okay...

Aaliyah: Hey um, would you two willing to be in a final three deal..?

Blanca: OMG yes.

Smith: Sure, I guess.

Aaliyah: Good, because you two are the ONLY people here that I trust.

Blanca: Final 3, Woop Woop!

Aaliyah: *shakes hands with both of them*

Tyrone: *overhears them* Oh hell no...

Tyrone: Confessional: So I overhear those 3 randoms and they are talkin' about going to the final 3, without me. That ain't happening, it really ain't.

Tyrone: *walks with Demika* Its Aaliyah, Blanca, and Smith together.

Demika: Wow just wow...they're shady.

Tyrone: That isn't how I roll.

Demika: *sees Hayley and signals her to join them*

Hayley: What's happening?

Tyrone: Those 3, they're a final 3. They're excluding us.

Hayley: What the hell?

Demika: I say..we strike at them before they strike at us.

Hayley: That's the best thing to do..

Demika: Who we voting??

Hayley: Blanca told me earlier that Aaliyah had the idol so let's not vote her.

Tyrone: So either Smith or Blanca..


Demika: *talking to Troy* We know those 3 are really close and I'm willing to break apart from them...and split then we can use your help.

Troy: Maybe. Maybe not. I'll think about it.

Troy: Confessional: I can go either way. I'm the most powerful person here. Wherever I go, I'm gonna go with honor on my back. :)

Demika: Confessional: Troy is stressing me out. I have no idea where he's gonna go..

(Elimination Ceremony)

Chris: If anyone has the idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so


Chris: I will read the votes..first vote..



Chris: One vote Lilac, one vote vote.



Lilac: *rolls eyes*

Chris: That's 3 votes Lilac, 1 vote vote



Chris: 3 votes Lilac, 3 votes vote..




Chris: Smith. 3 votes Lilac 3 votes Demika 1 vote Smith...

Aaliyah: What..?

Chris: Next vote..



Smith: What the...

Chris: 3 votes Lilac, 3 votes Demika, 3 votes Smith...9th voted out and the first juror..




Chris: SMITH!

Troy: *smirks* That's revenge for getting me out the challenge dude.

Smith: This is pretty rigged js

Blanca: *confused*

Aaliyah: *looks at Blanca, then Smith, shocked*

Demika: *smiles*

Smith: *leaves*

Preview for next episode begins

Aaliyah breaks down

Aaliyah: *cries* I can't take this...I want out

And a shocking alliance fracture causes an idol hunt

Dean: Confessional: We know there's a merge idol and we all are digging around bushes, looking in between rocks, it's crazy.


Smith: Troy Demika Hayley Tyrone

Lilac: Smith Blanca Aaliyah

Demika: Dean Lilac Willis

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