Aaliyah: Confessional: We have only three people but our energies seem high now that the bad egg is gone.

Smith: Ah.. *lays down and chills*

Aaliyah: So relaxing..

Megan: Right..

Smith: Yo, uh, anyone want some crack?

Aaliyah: Ew, no.

Megan: *draws in journal*

Aaliyah: What are you drawing?

Megan: A basic sketch of mid evil times and it's harsh punishments.

Aaliyah: Um...interesting.

Smith: Ay, yo, who stole my crack? *looks up and sees a lion* Hey, you, give it back!

Aaliyah and Megan: *screaming*

Smith: *adjusts sunglasses* Leave it to Smith Smith to save the day *grabs a spare crack in pocket and throws it into a cave*

Aaliyah and Megan: *closes gate with boulders*

Aaliyah: Yay!

Smith: Ya'll can thank me.

Aaliyah: Yay!

Megan: Done! *finishes drawing the lion*

Smith: There goes my crack :(

Aaliyah: Poor soul.


Troy: *sits down by Blanca and Hayley* Hello.

Hayley: *rolls eyes* Okay, what do you want?

Troy: Nothing, just wanna say the apes.

Hayley: Can you please just stop?

Blanca: Agreed.

Troy: I can, and know how to stop, I just don't feel like it.

Hayley: I can't deal with you! You can't just be a jerk to everyone!

Troy: I'm not.

Blanca: You're delusional!!!

Troy: Says the drunk woman.

Blanca: Nobody makes fun of alcohol.

Troy: Also, I haven't said a single insult to Dean, Willis, or LaMora.

Hayley: So you feel the need to lash it out on us?

Troy: Absolutely!

Blanca: Confessional: I'm tired of him! He has no right to talk to us like that! He HAS to go!

LaMora: *walks up to them* Will you three just stop? You people are destructing our team.

Willis: I find it entertaining.

LaMora: Shut up. We have to win or else we are going to explode, you got it? STOP ARGUING.

Troy: *smirks* Whatever.

LaMora: Good.

Troy: Confessional: Yeah, that LaMora girl is ruining it for herself.


Brent: *talking with Lilac and Mariah* I'm not sure who they want gone.

Mariah: I'm guessing me.

Lilac: I don't know, I think they are gonna vote me off.

Brent: Well; we have to find out.

Mariah: Yeah.

Demika: *sees the three talking and nudges Tyrone*

Tyrone: This white boy..

Demika: *walks up to them* What are you up to?

Lilac: We were making food.

Demika: Where's the food? Huh?

Lilac: Well, uh...we were just about to hunt.

Tyrone: Shut up woman. Entran, why are you talking to them? They suck at life.

Mariah: That's just rude.

Brent: I should be allowed to openly talk with all my teammates.

Tyrone: Don't ruin the three.

Lilac: *rolls eyes* Apparently there's a 3?

Demika: You shoulda saw it coming sister.

Mariah: :(

Demika: Well Brent, who are you loyal to, them or us?

Lilac: Pick a side already!

Mariah: Yeah!

Tyrone: Come on boi...

Brent: Uh...*points to Lilac and Mariah*

Demika: OH HELL NO.

Tyrone: I will shoot you.

Lilac: *giggles*

Mariah: Yay!

Brent: Confessional: Tyrone and Demika are both confrontational so they can cause issues for me


Chris: Before we begin the challenge, we are switching teams!


Chris: There will be two teams that have already been randomly selected. The Zebras, which will feature 7 people and the Lions, which will feature 7 people.

Chris: The Lions are..Brent! Hayley! Troy! Dean! Mariah! Smith! And Demika!

Troy: I'm with the ape again.

Aaliyah: Oh no! Smith is alone on the other team!

Megan: I hope he does well...

Chris: Meaning the zebras are..Megan! Aaliyah! Willis! LaMora! Blanca! Tyrone! And Lilac!

Blanca: Slay

Chris: This challenge is a classic paintball shooting contest. Once you are shot by an opposing teammate, you are out! On your marks...get...set...GO!

Blanca: *aims at Troy* Revenge jerk. *shoots*

Troy: *ducks as it hits Hayley*

Hayley: Great.

Troy: Ha!

Blanca: *calls out* Sorry!

Troy: *shoots Blanca* Sucker!

Blanca: Ow!

Megan: *gets shot by Smith* Ow!

Smith: Sorry, I had to! *shoots Aaliyah*

Aaliyah: Ow!!!

Willis: Never betray past friends boy *shoots Smith*

Tyrone: *shoots Mariah* Bye girl.

Lilac: *annoyed by Tyrone and shoots Troy*

Troy: *once again ducks and it hits Demika*

Demika: Just cause I'm black

Tyrone: No racism you mexican *shoots Troy*

Troy: *panics and shoots LaMora as both are taken out*

LaMora: Very mature

Brent: It's down to us Dean...against those 3.

Dean: You mean two. *smiles as Tyrone is on the ground covered in paint screaming racism*

Brent: Okay, it's two on two, I say-

Lilac: *shoots Brent* Yes!

Willis: Nice *aims at Dean*

Lilac: *aims as Dean*

Dean: *gulps* Hm..

Lilac: *shoots*

Dean: *ducks under her shot and shoots her*

Lilac: Aw...

Willis: It's me versus you dude.

Dean: Yep..

Willis: I wish you luck cause I'm gonna wi- *gets splattered by paint* ...Good game.

Dean: Thanks.

Chris: The Lions win!!


(The new team of Blanca, LaMora, Megan, Aaliyah, Willis, Tyrone, and Lilac are seen at camp)

Megan: I honestly have no idea who to vote..

Aaliyah: Me too..

Megan: We need the two guys for challenges so we can keep them around.

Aaliyah: And I really like Lilac.

Megan: Honestly, I don't trust LaMora. She's a threat and I think she has a lot of numbers.

Aaliyah: I'm going to have to agree.

Blanca: *joins them* Hi!

Megan: So who do you want out Blanca?

Blanca: I'm going to be honest. I only liked Hayley from my old team and we are separated. Everyone else is annoying.

Aaliyah: Well our vote is LaMora.

Blanca: Count me in!


Willis: *sitting with LaMora* Our first time at elimination and I don't trust no one here yet...

LaMora: The duo of Megan and Aaliyah...they are tight.

Willis: I'm noticing those girls closeness too.

LaMora: How about we vote Megan? She literally has no enemies and can be a potential threat.

Willis: I'm good with that...but we need Blanca's vote for that, and I don't think she trusts us..

LaMora: What about Lilac and Tyrone? We can try and get them to join us..

Willis: I don't think they like each other..

LaMora: Well that's crappy.

Willis: Hey, we can get them if we tell them they aren't working together.

LaMora: Then they will think it's 4-3.

Willis: We act like Blanca is with us..

LaMora: That's risky..

LaMora: Confessional: Those two girls...they gotta go...soon.


Willis: So do you feel about Lilac?

Tyrone: Stupidest girl I have ever met.

Willis: Well, um, I agree. But we are saving her for later, we're taking out Megan.

Tyrone: Good, she's annoying too.

Willis: Sweet.

Tyrone: *shakes hand*

Willis: I have a feeling we'll work well together.. *shakes hand*


Aaliyah: *talking with Lilac* We want LaMora's gonna be me, you, Megan, and Blanca voting her

Lilac: I see where LaMora can be considered a threat so I will absolutely consider it.

Aaliyah: Okay, this is what should happen and needs to happen.

Lilac: Absolutely.


Lilac: *sitting in shelter and looks at Aaliyah and Megan from a distance, laughing together* ...

Willis: *whispers to Lilac* They're unbreakable..

Lilac: Confessional: I believe I am a swing vote...I know Aaliyah and Megan's closeness is threatening, however, how can I trust Willis and LaMora, or freaking annoying Tyrone? This is gonna be a critical choice but I'm ready for it..

(Elimination Ceremony)

Chris: Welcome, new Zebras! You couldn't live up to the other Zebras legacy which was undefeated.

Blanca: Yay.

Chris: Anyways, Willis, Lilac, and are all safe with 0 votes!

Willis: That's how it's supposed to be *catches marshmallow*

Chris: Also safe with 0 votes..Blanca and Tyrone!

Blanca: Woo hoo! Turn up!

Chris: LaMora...Megan...

Megan: *has a worried look*

LaMora: *rolls eyes*

Chris: Let's read the votes...first vote..







Chris: The sucker leaving today is..

Megan and LaMora: *waiting*

Chris: Megan!

Aaliyah: *gasps with hand over mouth*

Megan: Oh my..

Lilac: *looks down*

Aaliyah: Lilac..

Megan: *hugs Aaliyah* Win this, k?

Aaliyah: Okay..

Megan: *gets onto bus*

Blanca: BS.

Aaliyah: *shakes head*

(Preview for next episode begins)

The Lions lines are beginning to form

Hayley: Confessional: My old Zebras can dominate this game, but I'm not sure if I can allow that..I'm gonna get my revenge one way or another.

And with her biggest ally gone, Aaliyah scrambles.

Aaliyah: *talks to Willis* LaMora was all saying "oh I don't trust Willis but I have him in my pocket" and I'm like "WHAT?"

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