Lilac: *wakes up and stretches*

Mariah: *sighs*

Lilac: What's wrong?

Mariah: I got voted for twice..

Lilac: One of those two votes are eliminated, we have the majority 4-1.

Mariah: I just hope nothing crazy happens.

Lilac: Nothing's going to happen, believe me. Tyrone is gone next.

Tyrone: *overhears conversation*

Tyrone: Confessional: I was walking past our ghetto shelter and those two white girls were targeting me. I ain't got time for that, damn white girls these days. However, they are good to date.

Brent: *walking around* Tyrone! Okay, so I voted against Devon because, look at his game. He was negatively affecting everyone and I needed to take myself away from him. So I had to vote him.

Tyrone: Whatever

Brent: Thanks for being chill?

Tyrone: Confessional: I don't trust no one here. Not even that black chick, Democrat or whatever. NOBODY makes a black man angry


Troy: If we lose, we have to decide between the drunk girl and slut.

LaMora: They both seem useless

Dean: They have proven their weaknesses, but nobody should trust them, nobody. That Hayley chick is smart and she has Blanca as a puppy dog.

Willis: But Blanca is a major weak link.

LaMora: Look, they should both go one way or another.

Willis: Yeah, this is what needs to happen.

Blanca: *walking with Hayley* I'm kind of afraid.

Hayley: Why?

Blanca: Those four seem tight..I think they're targeting us..

Hayley: We need to find out what's going on..


Blanca: *hiding in bush with Hayley*

Hayley: Stay quiet..

Troy: I mean, Hayley isn't so strong either. She's a strategic threat. I'm just saying this, she NEEDS to go.

Hayley: *rolls eyes* We have to do something about this crap..


Entran: Confessional: Lately Deena has been showing her negativity in the safari and is apparently putting her anger on me.

Deena: Oh my god Entran, STOP YELLING.

Entran: I was whispering..

Deena: Either way I hate your voice.

Aaliyah: *whistles*

Megan: *drawing a sketch of Deena and Entran choking each other* Seems very realistic..

Deena: I mean, all you do is yap all day and no one wants to hear you.

Smith: Dayum. Yo Andres, pass the popcorn.

Andres: *gives him a tortilla*

Smith: *sprinkles drug in tortilla and chomps*

Entran: What is your problem with me?

Deena: I just don't like you.

Entran: That isn't a legitimate reason to bash me every day.

Deena: Literally, every time you talk, I wanna punch something. You are a stupid, annoying, delusional, person!

Entran: ...


Entran: *talking with Megan* She's driving me CRAZY. I can't stand her.

Megan: Well, think of it as an artistic approach. Art is formed by a basic idea and creativity. Paint a picture of what you want to happen and do it. In other words, make peace with Deena.

Entran: I can't..every time I talk, she constantly bashes me for no reason.

Megan: Think of it as peace.

Entran: *groans* I'll try.


Chris: Hello victims. For this challenge, you will make me a meal, using whatever you find out here. I will be joined by Chef, a prized chef who knows a lot about food.

Troy: If he knows a lot about food, why can't he make good food?

Chef: I suggest you stop talking or things will get awful *angry*

Chris: Anywho...GO!


Deena: We need to take big risks, therefore, we kill an animal.

Aaliyah and Megan: *gasp*

Deena: What?

Aaliyah: You wouldn't dare kill a small creature.

Megan: Believe me, I have sketches of animals getting killed and it isn't pretty.

Entran: I agree with the girls, we can just find fruit and such.

Deena: *rolls eyes*

Smith: How bout we feed him some snacks from the Lil Smith Smith store, including drugs, crack, weed, anything you need!

Andres: OMG we should totally talk about weed.

Smith: Sure man.

Deena: Fine we'll do your little fruit feast. *mumbles* Watch it fail


Hayley and Blanca: *cutting fruit together*

LaMora: *grabs vegetables* See, they do everything together *facing Willis*

Blanca: When do we add the vodka?

Dean: We don't..

Bianca: Why not?

Dean: Because eating fruit with vodka is retarded.

Blanca: I drink my vodka with everything.

Dean: Um...okay..

Troy: *walks to team* While you were picking out some small fruit for sides, I got the jackpot.

Willis: Which is?

Troy: *holds up a big piece of meat* Meat, my man. Meat.

Hayley: What did you kill?

Troy: Your family. Nah just kidding, I have my ways. :)

Hayley: *rolls eyes* Confessional: Ever since I overheard Troy targeting me, I looked at him in a different view, which is the view I hate with a burning passion,

Blanca: Go Troy.

Hayley: Yeah, woo hoo. Whatever.

Troy: *raises eyebrow* Someone's in a bad mood. Anyways, what's the plan.

Dean: We cook the meat and surround it with fruit.

Troy: Okay then.


Tyrone: Let's make fried chicken.

Lilac: Yeah, because there's a million of chickens wandering a SAFARI.

Tyrone: Pfft, you don't have to be salty.

Demika: I would've liked fried chicken.


Lilac: What she said.

Brent: Dudes I got an idea.

Lilac: And that is?

Brent: Lilac, Mariah, and Demika will chop up tomatoes, celery, etc. Tyrone, you once told me you know how to make ranch from anything, do that.

Tyrone: It's true, after so much chicken wings, you catch the ranch recipe.

Demika: What are you gonna do?

Brent: I will find all these stuff of course.

Demika: Kay then.

(Everyone reports back to Chris after an hour)

Mariah: I hope we won!

Chris: You didn't.

Mariah: Aw..

Chris: Because the Zebras win with a delicious taste and great presentation!

Blanca: *cheers* Yay Troy!

Hayley: *rolls eyes*

Chris: However Mariah, your team gets second place!

Mariah: Woo hoo!

Tyrone: Good.

Chef: Meaning that the Giraffes finish last, and they must send someone home! Your food was nasty

Entran: Oh..

Aaliyah: :(


Entran: *with Megan and Aaliyah* Deena. Deena. Absolutely Deena.

Megan: If that's what is bringing your pride down, then fine with me.

Aaliyah: Okie Dokie!

Entran: Glad we're all one the same page. This is the three I want till the end.


Deena: Look. Andres, Smith, you are not apart of their three. You vote me and you're outnumbered 3-2.

Andres: But I don't trust you!

Deena: What does Entran have that I don't?

Andres: Kidness, leadership skills, will..

Smith: Yeah sorry Deena we out.

Deena: Grr..

(Elimination Ceremony)

Chris: Safe are..Smith, Aaliyah, and Megan!

Chris: Andres is also safe.

Deena: *rolls eyes*

Entran: Gee, wonder who voted me.

Chris: Deena, your attitude has affected the team in challenges. Entran, I don't really know, which is why you're safe in a 5-1 vote!

Deena: WHAT

Chris: Time for you to go Dee-

Deena: I'm not going anywhere *throws an idol at Chris's head*

Chris: Ow!!! *rubs head* Deena is now safe, meaning Entran is eliminated!

Entran: Seriously?

Megan and Aaliyah: *looks at each other worried*

Smith: This ain't gonna be good tomorrow

Andres: He helped me make my tamales :(

Chef: *throws Entran into bus as it drives off*

(Preview for next episode begins)

An explosive elimination results in an explosive aftermath

Aaliyah: Deena, you have been bossing people around from day one for no reason, no reason at all! You should've gone home!

Deena: Well I didn't so I guess you're unlucky.

A new alliance blossoms in the Lions

Tyrone: *with Demika and Brent* Yo we take out those two useless chicks and we got this

And knowing about their plan, the Zebras destruct

Hayley: I know you're targeting me, you don't even have to hide it. And calling me an ape isn't gonna help.

Troy: Ape.

Hayley: Shut up!


Deena: (doesn't count) Megan Smith Andres Entran Aaliyah

Entran: Deena

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