Willis: *sitting a cave with Aaliyah, Demika and Lilac* We did it.

Lilac: Dean's idol play was hilarious.

Demika: Mhm.

Aaliyah: This needs to be the final four.

Willis: We all know who's next?

Lilac: Obviously.

Troy: *is seen walking alone, then kicks a tree* Damn it

Troy: Confessional: These people are the stupidest people on the planet. I mean, I don't even know what they're thinking. I guess it's time to make a pot of revenge.

Lilac: *walking with Willis* We said final four, but how about us two for final two?

Willis: That's what I was thinking.

Lilac: I don't trust anybody else here fully except you.

Willis: Same goes back to you.

Lilac: But, we need to stop hanging out as much. People are getting suspicious.

Willis: Oh.

Lilac: Just keep the distance..

Willis: ...Okay...

Willis: Confessional: It'll be hard to keep my distance. There's nobody here I really like except Lilac.

Willis: This final two is SOLID. *walks away*

Troy: *walking*

Willis: Hey Troy! Have you seen my boots?

Troy: Cut the crap, Will.

Willis: What crap? I'm just a white man asking for boots.

Troy: I trusted you, we welcomed you into the alliance, and you freaking flipped? You have no anyone.

Lilac: *sees the two and begins walking up*

Willis: I got loyalty man. If you got loyalty back for me.

Troy: We did!

Willis: Who was gonna be taken out at final three? Me.

Lilac: It's not his fault.

Troy: Stay out of this, brat.

Lilac: gasp

Troy: I swear Lilac, you just run around in everyone's ear.

Lilac: *slaps Troy*

Troy: You like me.

Lilac: GROSS.

Willis: *begins to get angry*

Willis: Confessional: Trash talk me all you want but don't try to get in between me and my woman, I mean, Lilac.

Troy: You two are the closest duo here and you know it.

Demika: *walking with Aaliyah* I wonder where everyone is.

Aaliyah: Me too.

Demika: Look, coconuts! Let's eat it.

Aaliyah: No thanks..

Demika: Are you sure? I haven't seen you eat in a while.

Aaliyah: Its fine..

Demika: Confessional: I'm worried about the girl. She hasn't eaten in a few days. She's already a stick, she needs to eat.

Aaliyah: *tanning*

(Immunity Challenge)

Chris: Hi.

Everyone: Hi.

Chris: This challenge will test your strength.

Troy: Yes!

Chris: You will be holding a long weight. We will add two 20 pound bags every few minutes, making it 40 pounds. If you drop it, you're out. The winner gets immunity.


Chris: We are now in position (everyone is carrying the starting 40 pounds) and we have begun.

Aaliyah: *already drops* :(

Troy: Seems pretty easy.

Lilac: *begins to wobble* Ugh..

Willis: You can do it, Lilac.

Lilac: *repositions self and takes deep breath*

Chris: *adds 40 more pounds*

Lilac: Oh crap *drops*

Chris: Aaliyah and Lilac are out. You three are now carrying 80 pounds.

Demika: *drops* Ugh

Chris: It is now Willis versus Troy.

Troy: *begins to wobble*

Chris: *ada forty more* 120 pounds

Willis: Ugh.. *drops out*

Lilac: Dammit.

Aaliyah: *begins getting dizzy*

Lilac: Aaliyah are you ok?

Aaliyah: *faints*

Lilac: gasp

Nurse Chef: Her blood pressure low.

Chris: How low?

Nurse Chef: Lower than Taylor Swift

Chris: :O

Lilac: :O

Troy: :O

Willis: :O

Demika: :O

Aaliyah: *wakes up* :O

Nurse Chef: Can you breathe?

Aaliyah: I don't know..

Nurse Chef: You need water and rest.

Chris: Can she compete?

Nurse Chef: Yes.

Chris: k

(Merged Camp)

Aaliyah: *sitting in shelter, exhausted*

Lilac: Get well soon boo. *goes off into jungle*

Willis: *follows her*

Troy: *grabs Demika by the arm and joins Aaliyah in shelter* Listen, those two, they got a final two deal, guaranteed.

Demika: How do you know?

Troy: They are always together, that's enough proof.

Demika: So who do we vote?

Aaliyah: *says tiredly* Willis. He's the bigger threat.

Demika: Okay Willis.

Troy: Awesome.

Troy: Confessional: I got immunity and the cracks in this alliance are finally opening up. I got this.

Troy: *walks up to Willis and Lilac* Hey.

Lilac: Ugh, what do you want?

Willis: *begins walking away*

Troy: I wouldn't walk away if I was you.

Willis: Whys that?

Troy: Aaliyah and Demika, they got a final two, and they are voting you.

Willis: Why should I trust you?

Troy: Trust me or you're going home tonight.

Willis: Okay fine, who are we voting?

Lilac: Im concerned for Aaliyah, like health issues.

Willis: Nurse says she's fine.

Lilac: I know but still..

Willis: Okay, whatever you want, mah lady *winks at her*

Lilac: Uh..

Troy: Confessional: Basically one duo wants me to vote with them and the other duo wants me to vote them. It's amazing how much I can change this crap. I should probably take my million to not waste budget for this show. I'll decide who I vote tonight by random draw basically. Good luck losers.

Lilac: Confessional: I don't trust Troy, not one bit. I have no idea why Willis chose to trust him after he called us out. I just wanna strangle him sometimes...ugh.

Aaliyah: Confessional: I know I'm not feeling well, and I'm sick and all that. But I'm still as determined to win this. I will try my best and this is for all the people on the jury who I was aligned with! Woo hoo!

(Elimination Ceremony)

(Smith, Blanca, Hayley, Tyrone, and Dean walks in, then takes their seat)

Chris: First vote..



Chris: One vote Willis, one vote Aaliyah, next vote..


Chris: Two votes vote Willis


Chris: We are tied. Two votes Aaliyah two votes Willis. One vote left.. Our sixth juror of this game is..










Chris: Aaliyah. It's time for you to go.

Blanca: *in jury, groans*

Aaliyah: *leaves*

(Preview for next episode begins)

Willis and Lilac get closer

Willis: *cuddling with Lilac in shelter*

Demika scrambles for her life in the game

Demika: Honestly Lilac, Willis is using you, 100%


Aaliyah: Troy Willis Lilac

Willis: Demika Aaliyah

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