Hayley: I'm seeing Xander talking to a lot of people, maybe they are asking him to nominate us.

Aaliyah: I don't think I've done anything bad except anger Demika for sitting on her bed.

Hayley: That would be the dumbest reason ever to nominate someone.

Aaliyah: Agreed.


Demika: I coulda won that, if it wasn't for the water going up, but I stayed in the entire time!

Xander: Yeah, good for you for staying in, I thought you would drop.

Demika: EXCUSE ME?

Xander: Uh..Nevermind.

Demika: Good!


Xander: *grabs box* Hm..uh..Er..

Xander: Confessional: This was a tough choice, but it's best for pretty much everyone's game..

Xander: *sighs and selects nominees*

(Later everyone is gathered around the kitchen table)

Xander: As the HoH, I have nominated two players for eviction, putting them on the block. It was a pretty tough decision. The first person I have nominated is...


Demika: Ugh.

Xander: The second person I have nominated is...


Deena: Oh, great.

Xander: I have nominated you Demika, because you really got in my face earlier and you Deena because you came in the game way too hard. This Nomination Ceremony is over.

Deena: Confessional: Crap! Xander thinks he can nominate me and I won't up a fight? I'm gonna fight my buttoff in the Power of Veto competition, you better watch out!

Demika: Confessional: Xander is a plain idiot for nominating me. I'm gonna get off the block and he's gonna be so scared. Nobody messes with Demika!

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