Spaz: Hi guys, it's me, Kody's biggest fan, hosting teh amazing race TDRPW! Yay. Here's our teams.

(Rocker and Rocky walk out taxi)

Rocker: Why pair me with the racist?

Rocky: Cus Gary Busey said so.

Rocker: So childish.

Rocky: stfu

(Garret and Ally walk out taxi)

Ally: Hi <3

Garret: OMG...I hope there's cute guys <3

Ally: I agree bestie.

Garret: Yay.

(Chwiis and Milk walk out taxi)

Chwiis: Please exit my swamp Milk.

Milk: No.

Chwiis: I'll go ogre on you if you do not.

Milk: :O

(Meta and Gary walk out taxi)

Meta: H-h-hey Gary

Gary: Hello.

Meta: Scooby buddies ftw.

Gary: Agreed.

(RJ and Fiz walk out taxi)

RJ: We should like blindside people on this show.

Fiz: I tots agree, we can be like masterminds.


Fiz: OMG.

(Dark and Toast walk out taxi)

Toast: Here comes the Toast Man!

Dark: I'm too Max Goof to have a nickname.

Toast: K.

Dark: Let's just play soccer with these teams.

Toast: *puts on shoes*

(Heo and JRO walk out taxi)

Heo: Yo.

JRO: Dude we got this I trained so much, I changed to only 50 Hershey's per day.

Heo: And I changed to Taco Bell only 4 times a week.

JRO: Cool.

(GO and Bat walk out taxi)

GO: Bat that's a gay walk.

Bat: Shut up you're so childesh.


Bat: Ugh. r00d.

(Chip and Rimie walk out taxi)

Rimie: My socks will make me rise, and rise, to the winner!

Chip: Please be quiet.

Rimie: No.

Chip: Keep calm and love my OC's.

(Heather and Aqua walk out taxi)

Aqua: I loved that Ariana Grande song in the taxi.

Heather: Yay me too.

Aqua: <3 ily

Heather: Thanks.

(Grass and Ethan walk out taxi)

Grass: *staring at Ethan, motionless*

Ethan: Um, hello.

Grass: Yo.

Ethan: Um...okay..

Spaz: Hi.

Everyone: Hello.

Spaz: Welcome to TDRPW Amazing Race.

Chwiis: Swamp.

Garret: <3

JRO: *munch, munch*

Rocky: *shoving fried chicken down Rocker's throat*

Rocker: Racist bitch.

Spaz: The race begins in 3..2..1!

(Everyone runs to a clue station)

CLUE: You all must race to the airport for a flight to Mexico! There will be 6 spots on flight 1 and 5 spots on flight 2! Like go you niggers.

Rocker: Ugh.


Aqua: stfu before Annabelle gets you.

(Everyone runs off)


Bat: Stop screaming.

GO: SHH. *calls for taxi* YOU COME NOW!!!

Ally: Garret what do we do?

Garret: Suck?

Ally: Sounds fun but no, we like need a taxi!

(Ally and Garret jump in taxi)

Toast: *running with Dark* These soccer shoes are great for running!

Dark: ikr

Milk: *asking citizen*

Chwiis: Stop Milk. *walks to citizen* GET OUT MAH SWAMP!

Citizen: *faints*

JRO: *running, and stops, panting* Slow...down...

Heo: ... *whistles for taxi and drags JRO inside*

Fiz: Let's like rob a car.

RJ: Gross, Dreamz.

Fiz: Ooh there's a Sadie-licious car! *runs in taxi with RJ*


Rimie and Chip: *carried by Rimie's socks and gently placed in line*

Toast and Team: *runs inside*

Rocky: *outside* C'mon black boi.

Rocker: stfu I'm not even black.

Rocky: :O

Rocker and Rocky: *runs inside*

Meta: Come on Gary!

Gary: *at front with Meta* One more step..

(They get trampled by Heather/Aqua, Chwiis/Milk, and Ethan/Grass)

Meta: Yikes!

Gary: Yikes indeed.

(Chip/Rimie, Toast/Team, Rocker/Rocky, Heather/Aqua, Chwiis/Milk, and Ethan/Grass get on first flight)

Heather: Amazing race here we go.

(RJ/Fiz, Meta/Gary, GO/Bat, Heo/JRO, and Garret/Ally are outside waiting)

Heo: This sucks, man!

Ally: Please shut up.

RJ: Yay Ally!

Garret: :D

Heo: Quiet, girl!

Fiz: Good comeback Heo great way to represent Mexicans *roll eyes*

JRO: Dude calm down.

Fiz: Don't look at me pls I'll get infected.

(The first flight lands in Mexico, as the second flight starts)

Aqua: Heather, come pls! *runs*

Heather: Can I be mod

Aqua: No..

Grass: Ethan hurry boi

Ethan: I am..

Chwiis: WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMP! *pushes everyone and bumps into someone*

Windini: Hello.

Chwiis: Irrelevant.

Windini: *hands clue to Chwiis*

CLUE: You must race to a Mexican Island.

Chwiis: Gross very Jewish

Chip: Move it, ya fruit loop dingeses!

Aqua: So unoriginal.

Chip: *gets clue* Swim!

Rocky: Thanks for telling us the answer, retard.

(Everyone is seen swimming to an island, where there is a container of clues)

Milk: *reaches shore and reads clue*

CLUE: You must shake your designated Taco Tree and find your next clue to the pitstop.

(The second flight lands)

Gary: Lets go Shaggy! *runs*

Heo: Come on JRO lets-

Windini: *slaps Heo*

Heo: Hey! Windi?

Windini: That's what you get for having the wiki invade MLP! Anyways, I don't want to give you the clue but it's my job. *hands clue*

RJ: Like. *gets clue*

Fiz: Is the hidden immunity idol clue?

RJ: Possibly, hm, an island..there's one! We found the idol!

Fiz: OMG.

GO: HURRY BEFORE I EAT YOU NOW *swims* Ugh Asians can't swim.

RJ: Offensive.

Toast: Hm.

Toast: *throws a piece of toast at tree and a clue comes out*

Dark: *catches*

CLUE: The pitstop is full of Heo food and has a beautiful bathroom.

Toast: TACO BELL. *runs*

Heather: *clue lands on head* Ow!

Aqua: Come on!

(Everyone reaches island)

JRO: That was so exhausting!

Ally: Stop complaining! Having your weight used as a boat is not exhausting! Hmph!

Garret: *sucking tree*

Bat: Disterbing

GO: *disturbing

Rocky: *shakes tree and catches clue*

(Taco Bell)

Toast and Dark: *runs to Spaz*

Spaz: Hi.

Toast: hi

Spaz: You are Team #1.

Dark: I'm too Max Goof to not be first.

(Aqua/Heather and Rocky/Rocker runs inside Taco Bell)

Spaz: Aqua and Heather you are team #2! Rocky and Rocker are team #3!

(Back to island)

Ally: *sticks chopsticks in tree* This is hard..

Heo and JRO: *eating tacos in taco tree*

GO: WE GO NOW! *snatches clue from tree*

Milk: *finds clue* Yes!

Fiz: This next clue is hard..

RJ: Agreed we need safety for tribal council!

Fiz: I found it!

Ethan: Me too!

Grass: Interesting, child.

Ethan: ...

(Taco Bell)

GO: *runs inside with Bat*

Spaz: You uglies are #4.

Bat: Yay!

Milk and Chwiis: *barge in*

Spaz: #5. And Chwiis something seems handsome about you but I hate gay people so I'm not gay

RJ and Fiz: *runs in* YAY!

Spaz: #666 jk 6.

Grass: *runs in carrying Ethan*

Spaz: #7 bitches

(Mexican Island)

Heo: *choking* Bad taco *spits out clue*

Meta: Yikes! *digging through tree*

Gary: *throwing rocks at tree but it lands on head* Bummer.

Chip: *jumps up tree and grabs clue*

(Taco Bell)

Heo and JRO: *walks inside*

Spaz: Hello team #8.

Chip and Rimie: *runs inside*

Spaz: #9. It's down to Meta/Gary and Ally/Garret!

(Outside, Ally/Garret and Meta/Gary are running)

Meta: *trips on Gary* YIKES!

Ally and Garret: *runs inside*

Garret: YAY!


Meta and Gary: *walks inside, and sighs*

Spaz: Meta, Gary, I'm sorry, you are the first team eliminated from the race.

Gary: Aw yankeedoodle.

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