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  • SteelWolf

    Disney Trend

    November 29, 2015 by SteelWolf

    I will assign u all an icon

    follow or be punished

    dark alrdy has one









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  • SteelWolf

    Chris: We are down to three left. Willis, he has always been everyone's friend and DOMINATED challenges. And he wasn't afraid to make moves either. However, was he too nice?

    Chris: Lilac, she has been playing very quiet but smart at the beginning but emerged more vocal, however, was she too naive?

    Chris: And Troy, he has also dominated challenges and would do anything to win. However, will his poor jury management ruin him?

    (Merged Camp)

    Lilac: *walking with Willis* Why did Troy flip his vote again?

    Willis: Because we flipped on him.

    Lilac: It still doesn't make sense. I almost went home.

    Willis: But you're still here. Chill out. We made final three.

    Lilac: I'm still very frustrated.

    Troy: *lying down in shelter and sees Lilac and Willis walk up* H…

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  • SteelWolf

    (Night Time)

    Willis: *lying down on shelter*

    Lilac: It's freezing..

    Willis: I know..

    Lilac: *shivers*

    Willis: Come closer.

    Lilac: *cuddling with Willis in shelter*


    Troy: Confessional: The stupidity of some people...*laughs*


    Demika: So much for final four deal.

    Lilac: Demika, we couldn't be the final four...he won immunity..

    Demika: Well thanks for putting me at the bottom again..

    Lilac: Demika, it's not like that.

    Demika: Then what was it?

    Lilac: We were concerned for Aaliyah's health.

    Demika: You could have told me about it.

    Willis: We didn't know how you'd react.

    Demika: I have been betrayed one too many times, and I'm sick of it. You and Willis are the biggest flipf…

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  • SteelWolf

    Willis: *sitting a cave with Aaliyah, Demika and Lilac* We did it.

    Lilac: Dean's idol play was hilarious.

    Demika: Mhm.

    Aaliyah: This needs to be the final four.

    Willis: We all know who's next?

    Lilac: Obviously.

    Troy: *is seen walking alone, then kicks a tree* Damn it

    Troy: Confessional: These people are the stupidest people on the planet. I mean, I don't even know what they're thinking. I guess it's time to make a pot of revenge.

    Lilac: *walking with Willis* We said final four, but how about us two for final two?

    Willis: That's what I was thinking.

    Lilac: I don't trust anybody else here fully except you.

    Willis: Same goes back to you.

    Lilac: But, we need to stop hanging out as much. People are getting suspicious.

    Willis: Oh.

    Lilac: Just keep the distanc…

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  • SteelWolf

    Guess wat

    July 10, 2015 by SteelWolf

    TD wiki blocked me for using inappropiate language, trolling, and breaking rules

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