my shelbyconda dont

my sheblyconda wont

my shelbycanda dont want nun unles u have bun huny

boy toy named bob used to live in etorit big dope dealer money he geting coins was i nshootouts wit the law but he lived in the palace he bought me alexnader mcqueeneds he was keeping my stylish

now thats rl rl rlllll gun in my purse no bad words i can dres t o kill who wanna go first i only took a half thepill im high as no bad words im on some dumb no bad words

by the way what he say he tells i not missing any meals come through and no bad words him with my automobpei let him eat the grill and tell hom to chill he can tell its real ifakfjgmj oull up in my jdgfsd i dum udmdudsjfnajs

mysheblyconda dont

my shebyconda dont

my sebyconda dontwant any unles you gots buns hony

oh mty gosh

look at her but

oh myjsish

look at her butt

oh my gushy

loo at her beat

look at ber bitt

lool look look look at he rbutt 

little in midle but she got back

litle in the midle but she got a bazk

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