helo im shelby my friend aquainfinity he such a drama queen he told me that i shoudl do a series caleld shelbys top 5 stuff it is about me doing lists about my top 5 plus i count down top 5 stuff today im counting down my top 5 fave users on this wikia worst user is aquainfinity btw ok continue

5: Chwiis: he is shrek and i know shrek friend donkey chwiis tell donkey i said hi he always avoid my calls i need 2 talk to him its important but chwiis is funny and he shrek

4: GOsama: he rlly nice he let me join his group i think his group is fun and i love him

3: KKKatie: i meet her the other day she kinda nice but not rlly i guess she nice though ik not very nice though

2: SteelWolf: he funny he cool and i think he one of best users on here

1: Pikachu is not a jew: pika my fave user because he nice and he funny 

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