Shelby The Llama

aka Shelby

  • I live in Shelby
  • My occupation is Shelby
  • I am Shelby
  • Shelby The Llama

    this hite the ice cold shebly llama for the white gold

    this one for the llamas the good llamas masterpieces styling whiel in

    living it up in south america got llamas on with shelby llama gotta kiss myself am so perty

    im too hott - hot no bad words

    called tdrpwpolice and the rock man im to hot - hot no bad words

    make llama wanna retire man im to hott - hot no bad words say my name u knows who is i im to hott - hot no bad words im bad bout the money break down

    bob hit u hallelur

    bob hit u hallueler


    cus uptown shelb gonna gives it to u

    cus uptown shelb gonna gives it to ya

    cus uptown shelb gonna gives it to cha

    saturday night plus we eating grass dont beliee and watch OH!

    do do do do do do do do oh

    dont believe me juts watch

    do do dod odo…

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  • Shelby The Llama


    January 13, 2015 by Shelby The Llama


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  • Shelby The Llama

    my shelbyconda dont

    my sheblyconda wont

    my shelbycanda dont want nun unles u have bun huny

    boy toy named bob used to live in etorit big dope dealer money he geting coins was i nshootouts wit the law but he lived in the palace he bought me alexnader mcqueeneds he was keeping my stylish

    now thats rl rl rlllll gun in my purse no bad words i can dres t o kill who wanna go first i only took a half thepill im high as no bad words im on some dumb no bad words

    by the way what he say he tells i not missing any meals come through and no bad words him with my automobpei let him eat the grill and tell hom to chill he can tell its real ifakfjgmj oull up in my jdgfsd i dum udmdudsjfnajs

    mysheblyconda dont

    my shebyconda dont

    my sebyconda dontwant any unles you g…

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  • Shelby The Llama

    happy new year

    January 1, 2015 by Shelby The Llama

    this blog was posted on new year when the balls dropped! this been a wonderful year for shelby i got married to my huband bob in summer and i came to this wikia in december this month! shelby gonna have  a aamazing 2015!!!!! im so happy with my year!!! i never showed up but i have a brother his name greg here he is he is ate years old

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  • Shelby The Llama

    helo im shelby my friend aquainfinity he such a drama queen he told me that i shoudl do a series caleld shelbys top 5 stuff it is about me doing lists about my top 5 plus i count down top 5 stuff today im counting down my top 5 fave users on this wikia worst user is aquainfinity btw ok continue

    5: Chwiis: he is shrek and i know shrek friend donkey chwiis tell donkey i said hi he always avoid my calls i need 2 talk to him its important but chwiis is funny and he shrek

    4: GOsama: he rlly nice he let me join his group i think his group is fun and i love him

    3: KKKatie: i meet her the other day she kinda nice but not rlly i guess she nice though ik not very nice though

    2: SteelWolf: he funny he cool and i think he one of best users on here

    1: Pikachu…

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