So the title is pretty self-explanatory. Since Total Drama is a Canadian cartoon show, naturally most the characters are Canadian themselves. But what if Total Drama were made by Americans instead? What city/town/state would they be from? Wel, that's why I'm here to examine. I will now list all the contestants and where they would probably be from if the show was American instead. Enjoy!

First Generation (Island/Action/World Tour)

Owen- Green Bay, WI

Gwen- St. Paul, MN

Heather- Beverly Hills, CA

Duncan- Grand Rapids, MI

LeShawna- Compton, CA

Geoff- Jacksonville, FL

Izzy- Portland, OR

DJ- Raleigh, NC

Lindsay- Dallas, TX

Bridgette- Malibu, CA

Trent- Helena, MT

Harold- Preston, ID

Courtney- Scotsdale, AZ

Katie/Sadie- Long Island, NY

Beth- Davenport, IA

Cody- San Diego, CA

Tyler- Cincinatti, OH

Justin- Hawaii since that's where he is already from in the show.

Noah- Hartford, CT

Eva- Salt Lake City, UT

Ezekiel- Canada since he's already a Canadian stereotype so he can be the counter Justin where he's the sole Canadian of the cast.

Alejandro- San Jose, CA

Sierra- Juneau, AK

Blaineley- Los Angeles, CA

Seond Generation (Revenge of the Island/All-Stars)

Cameron- Indianapolis, IN

Lightning- Springfield, IL

Zoey- Lincoln, NE

Scott- Jefferson City, MO

Jo- Savannah, GA

Mike- San Diego, CA

Dakota- Long Beach, CA

Anne Maria- Jersey City, NJ

Brick- Austin, TX

Sam- Portland, ME

Dawn- Colorado Springs, CO

B- New York, NY

Staci- Kansas City, KS

Third Generation (Pahkitew Island)

Shawn- Virginia Beach, VA

Sky- Spokane, WA

Sugar- Birmingham, AL

Jasmine- Australia since that's basically her gimmick/stereotype in the first place.

Max- Burlington, VT

Scarlett- San Francisco, CA

Dave- Oakland, CA

Topher- Albany, NY

Ella- Fargo, ND

Amy/Samey- Sacramento, CA

Rodney- Jackson, MS

Leonard- Boston, MA

Beardo- Detroit, MI

I might do the RR contestants some other time.

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