Hello guys. So when Aqua and RJ were going through some old Screenshots on chat. It made me realize how funny it is to think how things change around here when looking at all the older Screenshots of this place, as compared to now. So I decided to do something interesting that I have no idea why I never did before: Ask questions to my future self on Wikia. In this case. I am gonna ask myself shiz to me in approximately 1 year from now, or around that time incase i go inact or something bad happens to me. So on November 29th, 2016, I will look back at this blog and answer all my own questions. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out. Anwyays, here I go.

- Do you have a job yet?

- Have you lost your virginity yet?

- Are you still sexier than ever?

- Are you even still active on Wikia?

- Or did you get a life already?

- Who did you vote for in the 2016 Presidential Election?

- Is Heo still being a dickhead to you and Chwiis? Or are you guys all now looking back at this and laughing about it?

- Is Dark still too Max Goof for anything?

- Is Toast still very toasty?

- Did you get an Xbox One and MKX Christmas last year and kicking ass at it or did you just get a newer laptop for Christmas instead?

- Did you finish Tits of Gold? Like, as in the whole season? (If the answer to this ends up being no I will smack your mother!)

- Do you still fap 3-4 times day like a true champion?

- Have you decided on what you wanna do with the rest of your life yet?

- What is your current profile pic on Wikia? Cus right now I'm a Bald Eagle's head on a bodybuilder/gladiator's body holding a firework with the American flag in the background.... 'Merica!

- Who actually DID steal your cashews?


- Has TDRPW changed any? Or is it just still the same-old same-old?

Well that was fun to do. I'd recommend anyone else on the Wiki who reads this to do the same thing with their 1-Year future selves, cus it's gonna be fun. And as for you, future Rocky, I'll see YOU in a year! ;) B)

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