So after almost 4 years after joining wikia in July 2013 and having never been globally blocked somehow despite doing a lot of things that would piss of the Wikia admins and despite the fact that others have had accounts get banned before me (Chwiis, Aqua), I have now decided to close this account for good and to start fresh.

What's the reason for this decision? No fucking idea. I suddenly decided I wanted to start fresh and thought the LXIX name was getting boring for me anyhow.

But not to worry, this is not me quitting wikia for good. I will just now be using a different account by the name of Rocky XXVII (aka the sequel to Rocky XXVI, my original name on this account!)

So with that all being said. Say goodbye to Rocky LXIX, everyone. It's been a helluva time. 

Now to end this off with a special quote:

"That's about all... Peace out."

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