30. Wolf


What can I say about Wolf? He's a clone and not a good one. Falco is a clone sorta too but his style is sorta different and doesn't suck, where Wolf just does his moves uber fast and easy to kill yourself. Wolf is weak af and he is by far the worst of the Star Fox trio. If he doesn't get in SSB4 then it won't be a huge loss.

29. Princess Peach


Sorry Peach fans. But Peach just isn't all that. I mean I've gotten used to her moveset by now, but it just isn't that good and she is really weak compared to most of the others. Sometimes I feel like Peach is only in these games to have more female representatives.

28. Meta Knight


I guess I must not be a huge fan of characters who's attacks are all quick. I don't mind them but some strong power moves would be great too. He's by far the weakest link of the three Kirby representatives, plus his final smash isn't all that great either. He doesn't suck, he's just okay.

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