33. Lucas


The reason I don't like Lucas is because A) He looks and sounds like a little bitch. And B) I just can't get into his moveset, I mean it's like their moveset can only be mastered on a daily basis if your name were to be Walter White. Overall, fuck Lucas.

32. Ness


The reason for Ness being this low is the same reason for Lucas. Their movesets are just weird and not my type. Although I put Ness ahead of Lucas because he is a member of the OG 12 and he showed Lucas how exactly it's done as seen in the Subspace Emissary Mode.

31. Lucario


Lucario isn't so bad and I know he has a lot of fans. But I just am not really a fan of him or his moveset. His attacks are meh and he's kinda slow too. His final smash is pretty cool, though.

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