35. Pit


Pit is useless. He may look cool at first. But man, was he a dud. His attacks are week, his final smash is lame as Hell and is easy to dodge and if done right, can only do minimum damage to you. And so whenever I'm in a game and Pit(of all fuckin people) gets the smash ball, I feel like the smash ball was wasted. That's how much he sucks. He looks retarded looking back. And the fact he's supposedly in the new one just pisses me off, especially when I heard he took up Gary Busey's spot! >:( #Robbage

34. Jigglypuff


Uh, yeah, was this really a surprise to anyone? Jigglypuff sucks just as much as Pit. His attacks are shit. His final smash is useless on large stages. And I just find him to be pathetic af. Winning a match as this pink wannabe marshmallow is possible, but not a cakewalk(no pun intended). The only reason I put Jigglypuff ahead of Pit is because he's part of the OG 12, and his final smash kicks ass(on small stages, ofc).

Hint for Numbers 33, 32, and 31: Two of them have same movesets and one of them is another victim of the Pokémon slaughter!

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