I honestly shouldn't have to make this argument, but since some people around here don't know what's #BestForBusiness. I have decided to come up with some obvious and not so obvious points as to why I am more admin-worthy than JRO123.

-Experience. I have over a year-and-a-half's experience as wiki admin. JRO has about little to none.

- Likability. I know staff has nothing to do with a popularity contest. But fact is I'm on good terms with nearly all of the members here. Where JRO on the other hand is disliked and hated by many. And if you make him admin over me, many members will testify and express frustration. Like honestly, why do you think the Trollplay move happened in the first place? Cus we were bored? Think again, m9's.

-Edits. JRO doesn't edit shit. Matter of fact I can't think of one thing he's done in the past year and a half that was admin-worthy. 

-Wasted admin powers. We all know how JRO is when he has power. He doesn't like to ban people for some reason. Whenever a troll gets banned, he'll immediately unban them without question. Which is probably why Heo wants him as admin over me. Because he knows JRO will just follow his orders like a little lab puppydog. He's also gullible af. JRO seems like the type who will easily accidentally give the wiki keys to the communists at the TD Wiki and MLP and shit. With me, you know that wouldn't happen.

-He's Jewish. Never trust a Jew.

Anyways, I'm sure I've made my point loud and clear. This is Rocky LXIX. Signing out.

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