-He's Rocky.

-He has more sweg than probably all of MLP, TD Wiki, FNAF Wiki, DeathBattleCanon Wiki and 1/3rd of TDRPW combined.


-His favorite cereal is Yol-O's.

-He is one of the better Survivor fans that doesn't go total fuq boi mode everytime and has pretty good opinions for a straight white male.

-The admin team needs someone to fill in the "White Boi" postion for racial equivalence.

-The TP stuff was a test for Heo and Grass to see where they draw the line between me and them.

-He has the number 69 in his username (LXIX being roman numerals for 69, ofc)

-If Mike Holloway wins Survivor 30, Rocky promises to bake everyone on TDRPW some brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

-He needs redemption.

-Was admin for 17 months(A record here for non-founders) and therefore has lots of experience

-He can make new HnH games which are always fun and can edit shiz that needs to be edited via his golden shaft(That's right Chwiis, your shaft's reign is all ogre now)

-He loves his country but dislikes our President like a true American.

-He faps liek, 837 times a day like a true horny teenager he is.

-Will make Wiki laws that will create equal rights for Toast and Pop-Tarts.

-Christopher Walken. Nuff said.

Also, here is a #LlamaLove campaign ad for everyone to vote Jeff Varner to get on Survivor: Second Chance. So be sure to log onto and throw a vote his way!


#Rocky4Admin #Rocky2015 #Rocky'sRedemption #RockyVsHeoAtWrestleMania2

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