As you may or may have not already heard, since the wiki is getting back to its feet as Summer creeps closer by the second, I saw that Thursday nights nothing is going on, and we need this place to be active all week long. So, on Thursday nights I have decided to host a thing called Game Night. Basically we're we do simple stuff like 20 questions, mystery matching games, number picking, etc. And of course, there will also be Board Games Online(BGO) which may sound boring and lame at first, but trust me, it will suck you right into it, and while frutrating at times, occupies time greatly. So be sure to come onto the chat every Thursday from now on and join in on the fun that is known as Game Night! Which will be hosted by yours truly.

Anyways, really hope to see you all there.

- Sincerely, Rocky LXIX

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