Rocky LXIX

  • I live in Kekistan
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Destroying Cucks One At A Time
  • I am Constantly Horny
  • Rocky LXIX

    So after almost 4 years after joining wikia in July 2013 and having never been globally blocked somehow despite doing a lot of things that would piss of the Wikia admins and despite the fact that others have had accounts get banned before me (Chwiis, Aqua), I have now decided to close this account for good and to start fresh.

    What's the reason for this decision? No fucking idea. I suddenly decided I wanted to start fresh and thought the LXIX name was getting boring for me anyhow.

    But not to worry, this is not me quitting wikia for good. I will just now be using a different account by the name of Rocky XXVII (aka the sequel to Rocky XXVI, my original name on this account!)

    So with that all being said. Say goodbye to Rocky LXIX, everyone. It's …

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  • Rocky LXIX

    More than 2 years after the most interesting conversation in the world occurred on TDRPW chat, Chwiis and Rocky are back at it again, this time on Facebook! (Text in grey is Chwiis and text in blue is Rocky)

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  • Rocky LXIX

    TDRPW as US Presidents

    December 4, 2016 by Rocky LXIX

    Cus why tf not, right? I'm president and since this place is dead, I can do whatever tf I want with it, so....

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  • Rocky LXIX

    Since I (along with most TDRPW'ers) have been inactive on Wikia for the last 6 months now, it's safe for any of you to assume that Tits of Gold, aka the fanfic I started workingaround a year ago today to capitalize off the success of Balls of Steel, has unforunately been cancelled, as has the idea of a possible third season and so on. This should have been pretty obvious since TDRPW died back in January, so I don't expect anybody to act shocked. The reason I'm mentioning all this is cus since it's been cancelled, I figured I might as well post the rest of the boot order as well as some details about what was supposed to happen in the finale and shiz.

    If you followed throught from the last episdoe from December, ToG was in it's final 8, with…

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  • Rocky LXIX

    Cus I have no life. Also, this is all my opinion, so shoot that cucumber out of your asshole at someone else if this list pisses you off. Kkk.

    73. Bo Rai Cho

    72. Jarek

    71. Meat

    70. Daegon

    69. Mokap

    68. Kobra

    67. Kira

    66/65. Chameleon/Khameleon

    64. Jacqui Briggs

    63. Kai

    62. Dairou

    61. Reiko

    60. Li Mei

    59. Motaro

    58. Shujinko

    57. Drahmin

    56. Darrius

    55. Jax

    54. Nitara

    53. Hsu Hao

    52. Blaze

    51. Noob Saibot

    50. Frost

    49. Taven

    48. Sheeva

    47. Shao Kahn

    46. Baraka

    45. Cyrax

    44. Onaga

    43. Quan Chi

    42. Ermac

    41. Havik

    40. Cassie Cage

    39. Hotaru

    38. Rain

    37. Fujin

    36. Skarlet

    35. Kotal Kahn

    34. Scorpion

    33. Kung Jin

    32. Sareena

    31. Sektor

    30. Ferra/Torr

    29. Kung Lao

    28. Tanya

    27. Kenshi

    26. Tremor

    25. Sindel

    24. Kintaro

    23. Sonya Blade

    22. Moloch

    21. Sub-Zero

    20. Reptile

    19. Shang Tsung

    18.  Raiden

    17. …

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