Total Drama Island Ep.1:

                          “Welcome to Hel-Camp Wawanakwa


Chris: I’m Chris McLean I’m comin’  at ya right here at Camp Wawanakwa! And in only a few minutes 22 fresh and fame hungry teens will be hitting this campground for a chance to win $100,000! 8 weeks of long gruesome challenges, friendships, epic fails and most of all backstabs will determine one winner. The beautiful scenery * random waste and a pigeon with a soda can wrap on his neck are shown * and good food offered by Chef will help our campers along the way.

Chef: Bon Appetite*  hands a plate with  cockroach *


Cockroach: Help me*  gets put in a  blender *




Chris: First to camp is TYLER!!!


Tyler: * Rides on jet skis and when the ship stops he continues to go ahead and falls off the dock after Chris dodges *


Chris: Nice wipe out man.


Tyler: * climbing back up* Thanks man it totally was wicked.


Chris: BETH!


Beth: * walks out star struck and surprised she’s even on TV * OMG! Hiiii I’m Beth. Nice to meet you.


Tyler: Sup Brah.


Beth: Wow Chris you seemed taller on TV honestly. You’re like so short it’s weird.


Chris: Uhhh thanks I guess. Anyway, next up is…… COURTNEY!


Courtney:  Hello nice to meet you all. I hope you’ll be there for when I make the finals.


Chris: Nice but blunt I like it.


Courtney: I don’t want to be harsh but why is this island so crappy looking?


Chris: Never promised anything expect for a hot tube and air conditioning.


Courtney: Whatever I long as I get my money.


Chris: Fierce I like it next up is……….. DJ!


DJ: * walks out with his bags confused * Uh hey man I thought we had a mansion?


Chris: There is a mansion but I’ll be occupying it.


DJ: Whatever you say man but my momma said never trust someone who lies to you.


Chris: Well you’re in for a rude awakening* chuckles *. Next is Gwen.


Gwen: Ok you must be kidding me. This looks like hell actually no this looks worse than that.


Chris: Well you’re free to leave but… you signed a contract. * Pulls the contract out *


Gwen: * Rips it up * Well guess I’ll be leaving * turns around to find the boat she came in long gone*


Chris: * pulls out another contract* Let’s not be silly I made copies do you think I’m stupid.


Gwen: One could hope.


Beth: Hiiii I’m Beth.


Gwen: Good for you.


Tyler: * whispers to DJ * She’s hot.


Chris: Say welcome to… Lindsay!


*Seductive background music plays and the camera highlights parts of Lindsay’s body*


Lindsay: Hi Benny.


Chris: My name is Chris and Lindsay meet your fellow competitors.


* The camera pans over showing the guys are aroused*


Lindsay: Umm competitor?


Chris: It’s a good thing your pretty.


Lindsay: Yeah I know right.


Chris: Man she is gonna bring in the male demographic. Anyway, next to arrive is Trent.


Trent: Thanks man great to be here so excited to be here can’t wait to mingle.


Chris: Alright dude.


Trent: * stands next to Gwen * What’s up?


Gwen: You leaving.


Trent: Ok then * looks away worried and somewhat scared *


Gwen: * Looks back at Trent and smiles *


Chris: Here comes the part man Geoff!!!


Geoff: Sup man can’t wait to get crackin’. This the place yo? Pretty dope love the summer camp vibe.


Gwen: Ok he must be a idiot.


Chris: Great to here man should’ve warned the viewers a lot of you guys would be peeved at this place.


Geoff: No way man this is awesome I’m loving it.


Chris: Alright great man.


* A loud sound which sound awfully like a metal band goes from afar and the next contestant arrives*


Chris: It’s Duncan!


Duncan: Hell no man.*pulls out his pocketknife* I’m not living here.


Chris: I’m sure juvie will gladly take you back.


Duncan: You know that you  bring juvie up this looks less terrible.


Chris: Ok next to the Island is Heather.


Heather: * steps off the boat with her sunglasses shining and a evil glare intimidating almost every contestant expect for Gwen and Duncan *


Beth: * bravely runs up to Heather*  Hi I’m Beth  her braces cause her to spittle* nice to meet you.


Heather: Eww get away.


Courtney: * puts her hand out * Hello nice to meet you.


Heather: * walks past *

Courtney: Rude.


Duncan: Someone seems a tad bit on edge.


Heather: Mind dropping dead sometime or like now?


Duncan: Feisty I love it.


Heather: Pig.


Chris: Alright let’s say welcome to LESHAWNA!


Leshawna: Oh yeah that’s right I came to win. dabs DJ up Hey brotha from anothta motha. What ya’ll up to?


Geoff: Chillin’.


Duncan: Killin’.


Leshawna: Oh that’s wassup baby.


Chris: Ok things are getting interesting say hello to……. Bridgette!


Bridgette:* gets off the boat holding her surfboard * Hey what’s up guys?


Geoff: Whoa!  hey what’s up?


Bridgette: *turns around and her surfboard nearly hits everyone else*  Hey I’m Bridgette


* Most of the guys try to get ahold of  Bridgette and she accidentally knocks Tyler into Heather and they fall in the water.


Chris: Well that’s two for two.


Heather : *in the water * Surfer girl is gonna get it.


Chris: Man on man this is getting better by the minute next up is Noah.

Noah: Great so this is original summer camp , a bunch of teenagers someone just needs to get caught having…..


Duncan: * grabs Noah *Shut it dweeb.


Noah: And here comes the local punk bully. Anyway, Chris you did get my memo about my life threating allergies if I’m going to be here I better be protected.


Chris: Production might’ve gotten it I think.


Noah: Good.


Beth: Hi nice to meet you Noah.


Noah: Could you look any less like Velma from Scooby-Doo?


Beth: Aww.


Heather: And I thought I was the mean one.


Chris: Next up is OWEN!


Owen: WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Man I can’t believe I’m here in this place this is just so awesome man this is just wow * hugs Gwen, Tyler, Noah , Courtney and Lindsay *


Noah: Crushing my bones.


Courtney: Nice to meet you I’m Courtney.


Owen: * shakes her hand*  Nice to meet you I’m Owen WOOOOOOHOOOOO.


Gwen: The woohoos never stop do they?


Owen: No way man I’m just here to gave a good thing we should hang out and party.


Gwen: Oh man oh man how could I pass that that up?


Geoff: *higfives Owen*  Alright dude let’s party!!!!!


Owen: WOOOHOOO! * chest bumps Geoff and send him flying back *


Geoff: Wicked!


* Chris starts to hear some heavy breathing on his back *


Chris: GAHH! What the hell is your problem? Anyway, this is Harold.


Harold: Wow a summer camp my mad skills will surely without doubt build on this foundation. * Looks at Leshawna’s butt * Is their something back there?


Leshawna: Yeah a whole lotta booty!


Harold: You’re loud and boogie.




* DJ and Bridgette instantly hold Leshawna back as Harold tries to look intimidating*




Ezekiel: Whoa what’s all this.


Chris: Listen lay low for a bit and try not to do anything stupid your homeschooled and this is a rare time you’ll hear me say this I feel bad for you so just don’t do anything dumb.


Ezekiel: Ok I think I can manage.


Chris: Next are Katie and Sadie.






Katie and Sadie: Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


Noah: Why if it isn’t teen spirit.




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