• NazIzzy

    New Super Roleplay Brother

    January 29, 2015 by NazIzzy

    One day in Arizona a loney mexican plumer named Herio was about to get some Shooms from a fat jewish plumer named Jroui. Jroui got to his house.

    Jroso:You know Herio our life is ghey. Herio:Your right I always wanted bigger things for myself like becoming a dr. JroI:XD xD xD xD lol xD lol xD a mexican Dr. Herio:Hey it could happen some day I could get with the glod digging Princess Ally Toadstoll. JroI:Good luck with that.

    Before they could take there shorms a trolling marshmoon came In.

    Todark:Guys our princess got captured! Jroui:Damn these shorms are the good shit. Herio:As a strong christin the only drug I need is WWE. JroI:Wait can you see the Toad to? Herio:Yes JroI:Holly shit this is legit. Toare:Yes it is now hurry our princess needs …

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