Hey guys, it's JRO. I've discussed the concept of an RP with a few of you prior to this blog, but consider this the official sign ups. And, if you dont know what this is, let me explain. I've come up with a theme for a new competition RP (which im gonna keep a secret until the premier to make it more interesting) and have planned out some new mechanics to introduce to change up the gameplay aspect. For those I talked to prior to this blog, I have noted the characters you said you wanted and reserved them for you. For the rest, well, idc. As for rules, I'm going to have to ask you to keep it PG-13 for the most part, a swear here and there is fine as long as you dont go too overboard. Same goes for sexual stuff, ect. Im also going to be pretty strict about trolling, only because I want this to be as enjoyable as possible and run as smoothy as it can.

Sign Ups

Each person is allowed to have 2 contestants maximum. RR contestants are permitted, along with OCs (if it's an OC that hasnt been in an rp yet or one im not familiar with I may have to ask you for a description) as long as they have a chat icon. As I said, for those I talked about the RP with already, I've taken your characters into account and have reserved them for you. I'm just going to have you put them on the sign ups just so I'll have it for reference. When signing up, just say the character (s) you want and write your name. I'm aiming for around 12 contestants (if any of you only want one character it will open up more room for others, but im not counting on it). I'm going to compete in this season along with host, but I'll be sure not to give myself advantages or rewards. I'm not going to have a space on the sign ups but just remember I'll be competing as well.

1. Jay and Gwen - Smalls

2. Justin and Taylor - Aqua

3. Bridgette and Trent - Rocky

4. Jo and Duncan - Milk

5. Kitty and Crimson - Lego

6. Harold and Ellody - Meta

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