UPDATE (5:50 PM EST, December 12th)

Another blog update. Some people have given me advice, and I'm just going to reboot the RP.  Nobody is at fault here except for myself. The only reason I am opting to reboot the RP is because many of the users involved in the RP were frequently unable to attend, usually due to no fault of their own. It was also just incredibly difficult for me to organize around everyone's schedules. Again, this is all entirely my fault. I don't feel too bad about doing this because we didn't make alot of progress anyways. For those of the cast who were active and still want to be in (I don't blame you if you dont) I'll be sure to head to you guys first. I'm very sorry about any inconvienience, but this will do more good than harm. Hopefully, we will be able to do the RP, with the reworked cast, sometime this week. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE (7:45 PM EST, December 6th)

Hey, just an update @ the blog. I think I'll do this regularly to inform everyone of the specific times and whatnot rather than just leaving messages on everyone's wall. We've had a few changes to the cast, namely Fiz joining as Mary and Grass taking over as Lightning. I've decided on an earlier time for everyone else's convienience. The RP will take place weekly on Saturdays and/or Sundays at 4 EST. If this is inconvienient for anyone, please let me know either on my message wall or in the comments below. This is most likely the last time I'm going to postpone the RP. I'll be typing up episodes throughout the week, and have episode 2 written already. If you have any questions, let me know.

P.S looking for an official chat to do the RP in other than main. If anyone has a suggestion by all means tell me.

Thanks for all of your patience and cooperation, this is getting annoying for us all, myself included. The RP being constanlty postponed is pretty much 100% my fault, so you guys have every right. That being said, the RP will not be canceled. This is a casual activity, and there are no deadlines to be met. I will regardless do my best to coordinate with all of you through this blog @ the schedule.

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