Hey, guys, Heo here.  With the huge success of our current Random RP, Fans vs Favorites, I have decided to make a second season titled "Total Drama Presents: The Wintery Wasteland".  It will be taking place in the same island as the first season, but with a lot more twists and turns.  As for the cast theme, we will have no returnees from last season.  It will be an half OC and half Normal cast season.  As for numbers, the season will have 12 contestants.  If you're interested, sign up and I'll be announcing the date for the first episode in a few days.  Time to sign up!   


1. Piper-XxAquaInfinityxX

2. Troy-Heozaki

3. Hayley-SteelWolf

4. Demika-LucinaFTW

5. Wally-Metanuki

6. Duke-ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

Original Cast:

1. Amy-XxAquaInfinityxX

2. Gwen-SteelWolf

3. Sam-JRO123

4. Josh-LucinaFTW

5. Lightning-Metanuki

6. Leshawna-ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

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