Yeah; you just heard it here, folks!  The TDRPW Games season is coming up for the first time ever.  As many of you know, I decided to take this project under my wing and try my best to bring it to all of you guys.  Before we actually announce anything, I would like to see who's actually interested in the TDRPW Games itself via Sign-Ups.  All you need to say is something in the lines of "I'm in!", and I'll be putting your name in the mix when the teams for the Games are made.  I know there aren't a lot of details surrounding the Games at the moment, but be reassured that I have that all taken care of.  These sign-ups will end on Sunday, Februrary 22nd at 11:59 PM EST.  The day after will be the announcements about everything you guys need to know about the Games.  I will see you guys then, take care, and let the sign-ups BEGIN!

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