Hello everyone! It's Heo and we have gone through a long year of roleplaying, school, and life in general.  The thing is, we're not stopping after the new year begins, we're going to give it a makeover!  Starting January 1st, the wiki will have a whole new look and layout! We also are going to change the logo as well which is going to be decided on by the Admins of this wiki!  We have so many plans ready for 2014 which include: New content such as Roleplays, Fanfics, and Polls!  We're also going to pair up with our good friends at the Our Total Drama Wiki for a wiki that you will NEVER....NEEEEVVVVER forget ever!  I would just like to thank all of you peeps for supporting this wiki and we hope and strive for a successful 2014 for the TDRPW!

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