Hey guys, Heo here.  I'm back with another idea that I think we should do.  Since our current Zombie-Themed RP, TDWD (Total Drama Walking Dead) has lived long enough and hasn't been done for a while, I think we need a possible replacement for it.  I think we have done a lot with the story itself, but it had quite a couple of faults.  One of the major ones was that we didn't really have a lot planned with the RP itself and some random plots came around.  I'm currently working on the major plots within each season so the season can flow better and so we can get a better overall feeling to the RP.  We are going to rename the RP and bring an all new feeling/atmosphere.  This RP will actually be a bit different.  I'm going to be auditioning people for certain spots since this season will actually have very few spots.  I will need these pieces of information:

  • Required
  • Name (TD Characters and OCs are allowed):
  • Role (Protagonist, Antagonist, or Neutral):
  • Spot In The Show (Main Protagonist, Main Antagonist, Minor Protagonist, and Minor Antagonist):

Interested in a Relationship for this RP?: 

  • When You Can Audition:

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