Hey, guys, Heo here! The official cast of DIAU has been chosen, and it's pretty epic! This was kind of hard since we had last minute sign-ups and such, but it is a pretty solid cast. I apologize to everyone who didn't make the cut. We planned for a 9-11 person RP and we only had a few amount of spaces. Thanks for cooperating and here's the cast: Death is Among Us RP Cast

Samey- Teamdarkfan4

Brick- Rocky LXIX

Gwen- SteelWolf

Andres- Drfizwuz997xlol

Demika- Drfizwuz997xlol

Jasmine- XxVeryKindTDxx

Amy- JRO123

Harold- JRO123

Scott- DegrassiFTW27

Dave- DegrassiFTW27

Troy- Heozaki

Thanks, guys, and we're pumped to start this all new zombie RP!


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