Hey guys, It's Heo again! It's New Years Eve and we're one day away from our new design.  We're excited for the end of the year and we hope you all will enjoy what we have in store for 2014.  We have a bunch of plans for 2014, one of them being the TDRPW Awards on January 4th!  We also have a bunch of line ups of upcoming and popular RPs:  Total Drama Paranormal, Total Drama Hunger Games, and the returning Total Drama Walking Dead!  We also have other activities planned which will keep you busy in our wiki.  The thing is: We don't care about the quantity, we care about the quality.  There are other wikis, (which I will not mention) that just care about the amount of things they have.  We here care about the quality; we may not be the best, but we try harder and harder every day by making the TDRPW a better place to be.  We try and we're going to keep trying next year, and we hope you do too.  One of the changes will be the new logo and wiki design! We plan to bring in new mini-games everyone can play such as Voteout, Wiki Wars, Hurt & Heal, etc.  It's been a crazy 2 months, but we have only grown by mind and by size.  For the last time in 2013, I wish you a great and enjoyable experience at the TDRPW! Stay tooned for more stuff my peeps.  Love ya! 
Geoff Rankings

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