• Heozaki

    Aftermath Sign-Up Info

    June 18, 2018 by Heozaki

    Here's the news you guys have been waiting for...Aftermath is going to be starting up soon.   Before I give more time-related information, Grass and I like to present the new concept for this RP.  Instead of using Total Drama characters, we will be allowing users to use any real-life person as their character base.  This is a first for us, but we believe there are many more possibilities when we let you guys use your imaginations.  In no way does this mean that we will stop doing TD-related RPs, but we'd like to experiment with this approach.  Along with your character names and bases, we are asking for a character profile, where you'd put a brief description of your character.  This will give us a better idea of what you're going for and po…

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  • Heozaki

    Hey guys, Heo here.  Post your suggestions/predictions for the first ever TNH Smash Bros. roster, stages, final Smashes, movesets, and items.  While doing so, please keep these things in mind: 

    • The roster size will be up to 16 characters.  Do what you will with that.  
    • Any members from the past and present are allowed.  
    • Go in as deep as you'd like with movesets.
    • We will have up to 8 stages on the game.
    • We will feature up to 16 items to use, specific to each user. 
    • Up to 16 final smashes will be implemented.
    • Tiers are also allowed

    With that, go ahead and use this template for your answers:

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  • Heozaki

    The title explains it all.  What did you get for Christmas?  Or if you don't celebrate Christmas: What did you get for the holidays?

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  • Heozaki

    So this just happened

    December 23, 2015 by Heozaki

    Here's some screenshots of a convo that happened tonight.  Put your thoughts in the comments below.  

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  • Heozaki


    Yo!  I've noticed that a lot of people have been talking about fighting games (MK X) and such, so JRO came up with the idea of a TDRPW fighting game.  I'd like to see your guys' ideas and such.  We'll probably vote for the best idea at one point, so that'll be fun.  Here's a template:


    Roster (Overall Rankings and Skillset):


    What's the game about?:

    Company That Would Make the Game:


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