-Heo's POV- 

Heo: Sweet! got this nice stuff from Taco Bell! -walks outside to see the hordes of zombies heading toward Taco Bell-

Heo: Dang it! -gets in car and plows through zombies and church bois-

Church Boi: Holy Jesus! -gets splattered-

Heo: Oh lord I repent for my sins

Heo: -crashes into church and gets knocked out-

-Heo wakes up 2 days later in a tub full of holy water-

Heo: WTF -goes outside to see the Priest reading food prayers-

Heo: whats cooking priest?

Priest: wll we were soaking you in holy water to clear your sins before we eat you

Heo: -reaches for knife but its not there- SHOOT!


JRO: well im ready to go, i got my clothes, my moms kitchen knife, and a box of donuts, i think that can get me from Ohio to Maryland

-JRO's zombified mother reaches out to JRO-

JRO: whats that? -turns and acidentally trips his zombie mom and she gets impaled on a pipe-

JRO: is it that easy?

JRO: well imma leave now

-GO's POV- 

GO: already in Delaware, almost there

-GO spots a crackhead smoking weed and not seeing the zombies trying to get on his patio-

GO: YOU DIE NOW! -sprays bullets at zombies-

Crackhead: liek wtf, i liek was having a party

GO: fiz?

Fiz: yea?

GO: if your fiz, wheres rj?


GO: -gives fiz a gun- come on, we meeting TDRPW in Maryland

Fiz: kewl

-Rocker POV- 

Rocker: -opens door for Grass and his bitch-

Rocker: man you guys a ractchet couple

Grass: gtfo u too pussy to kill zombies

Rocker: WHAT!!!! -grabs shotgun and blasts nearby zombies-

Grass' bitch: eh

Grass: sit yo ass down you bitch

Rocker: whered you get all these guns?

Grass: broke into a police station, we had two other guys but they didnt make it

Rocker: surprised you didnt bring any kids with you

Grass' bitch: he threw them out to save himself

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