Get ready to see 18 total drama contestant new and old who really shows off brain brawn and beauty lets met the cast!

Alehunkdro! As two people sitting by the beach Alejandro in a Romantic manner "You looking at you makes my soul weep like a thousand sun.

Food cerdit Andres! Andres is seen eating as he compilants Chef "Delicious Chef, but it could use more garden herbs!"

Female Geoff Blanca! Blanca is dancing around at the beach "Who wants to join me?"

The musician without a tune Benny! He is playing his guitar and singing while birds drop from the Sky "When I see you my heart stop! I'm drooling so much gonna need a mop!"

Jo's number one fan Candace! Candace is fan girling in the confessional saying "Oh my god she just told me how to vote!"

C.I.T Courtney! Courtney is pointing at someone angry "Don't think for a second that I trust you!"

Preppy Dean! Scarlett puts her hand on Dave's shoulder after they just won a challenge where Dean quickly takes the hand off and says "Don't touch me.

Loudmouth Deena! She is in the Confessional inraged saying "These idoit just made the biggest mistake of there life's!"

Female Alejandro Hayley! Hayley has her figure in her hair talking to Benny right after he finshed singing "You have such an amazing voice, please teach me more!"

Mean Nickname Giver Jo! Jo is talking to Candace durning a challenge "You know If you fail this your going right?"

Friendship dependent Katie! Katie after doing something in a challenge says happily "Sadie would be proud."

Wise cracking Noah! Noah is standing like everyone else annoyed at Chris and the hosts and he starcastily says "Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty how original."

The Kangaroo Rocky! Rocky annoyed at everyone says "No I can't just put things in my pouch."

Love Stuck Rodney! A Rodney hopelessly in love again says "I don't think I felt this way about anyone before."

Evil Genius Scarlett! Durning a challenge know it all like Scarlett says "Judging by his small demeanor and Balance skills subtracted by the strength of the other two teams it's doesn't make physic logical sense to have him do it."

Further Host Topher! Topher trying to get good with hosts again says "Hey nice work there Blainieley!"

Good old Country Boy Willis! Willis in the confessional trying to be the pace holder saying "You know sometimes it's hard to be friends with that guy.

And finally Naive Zoey! Zoey talking to Willis nevorusly says "What do you mean she doesn't like me!"

There our cast each trait will come the most in handy and who will win the million dollar prize? Find out on total drama brain vs brawn vs beauty!

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