The Brawn Team Has Weak Minds

On an Island off the coast of Mexico which has been designed to look like Chris's face in which he used the million bucks from Pathview Island to create lies three sadistic hosts willing to do anything for more screen time. There names are Chris, Chef and Blaineley. As they don't have a single creative or original bone in there body decided to copy from a reality show. They are once again doing Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty, here they are on the screen now. An very egoistic Chris begins to explain the season. 'Hello all I am Chris  Mclean and right here get ready for the next season of total drama right here on this beautiful Island! One day during a poker game me Chef and Blaineley were arguing on which trait is the best to win Total Drama. I personally think Brains. Right then an angered Blaineley hoping for screen time pushes Chris and says “It is clearly beauty!’ Then Chef pushes her and says in his beautiful normal angered chef voice, while flexing. “Or the real answer Brawn!.

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