Where do you feel this feud between Rocker started?

During his rage, I called him out, then he got pissed off, he insulted me, and I get sick of his attitude so I state my opinion.

Do you feel the claim that you are racist is warranted?

Yes, but I am not racist IRL.

Cool, cool, is there anybody you've had a rivalry with that you can now call a friend?

Hm, maybe toast. He insulted me a lot a couple months ago, but he's pretty cool to be honest.

Why all the hate for Dark?

Some people find Dark funny, but it isn't so funny when you're the one he insults 24/7.

When we first saw you, you were hanging out with Fiz and you've guys been close friends since we've known you, care to explain your first encounter with him?

Fiz was the first TD wikia account I met, he introduced me to the wiki. First day I met him we did a random and he always asked me for alliances, as time passed we shared a lot of common interests.

Favorite Survivor season and why

Survivor Cook Islands, brought big names like Parvati, Ozzy, and Jonathan, had an underdog dominant alliance, and likable people including Nate, Adam, and Flicka, plus the infamous mutiny.

You have an OC named Hayley and so far she seems to be your favorite, we haven't seen her in an rp canon, what were your influences for the character if any?

I got bored and went on my notes to make a quick TD season, I came up with random names, and in the middle of it, I thought of a cunning OC based off of Parvati Shallow.

What shows do you like besides Survivor and BB?

Total Drama is an obvious one, I also enjoy the Avatar Series and I sometimes watch Fear Factor.

Least favorite character in Avatar?

Probably Korra, she may be the avatar but she is overdone and bipolar.

Fan of any video games?

I play a few video games but not much, only when I'm bored, I play super smash bros brawl, Tekken, Mario kart, grand theft auto, and street fighter.

Why do you dislike Heo?

Heo used to be cool, but when he became leader, he became cocky and ignorant, thinking he's best.


Well that interview didn't need an "off your chest" question. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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