The show begins with our host Boograssi welcoming the cast to their home. BatmanTDI, RockyXXVI and Heonzo are the first three allowed in the house with them all choosing to share a room together. Garret, Dark and RJ are next with them also getting beds. Gary and Fiz are the last to enter and find out there are no beds. Garret decides to be nice and let Fiz share a bed with him, using that opportunity to make an alliance. Heo and Rocky also align with each other while the likes of Gary, Dark and RJ all scramble to find spots. The eight contestants celebrate with a toast as the all warily celebrate, knowing this will be a crazy next few months.

TDRPW Big Brother has officially begun! Our first challenge will be one to decide the head of household! The winner of that challenge will get to put 2 people up for elimination with the five other participants only being able to vote for them. The only way to win HOH is by playing the game of the week, Cartoon Networks Amazing World of Gumball: Splash Master!

Now, the only way for you to win is by print screening and sending me your score. If you don't have a print screen program I would recommend the one that I use which is lightshot

Send me your screenshot by Tuesday, 11:59pm Est. The challenge will be written and posted the next day. If you need help with your screen shot or have any questions, message me on chat.

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