I've been thinking over the past few weeks and I believe it's time a new wiki activity is introduced. Within that time I was pondering, I came up with an idea that should be pretty fun. Every week there will be 2 teams, one led by an admin and the other led by a special guest captain. The two teams will engage in 3 competitions that are all about improvising and jokes. Once all 3 contests are over there will be a lightning round in which the main goal is to diss the competition. For every funny diss you get a bonus point. Once the time runs out, we'll tally the points and the team with the highest total wins the game. There'll only be 2 days for sign ups so hurry up quick if you're interested in participating. Be warned though, nothing is off limits in these games so if you have thin skin or don't want anything personal to be brought up, do not enter.

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