A peaceful day in Ontario is interrupted as a very shakey, plane flies by, nearly hitting on coming birds.

Willis: *looks out the window* The plane, the scenary, I'd never see anything like this back home!

Blanca: I know right, this is going to be amazing!

Dean and Troy are silently playing chess as Troy wins the game and annoyingly looks at two.

Troy: If by amazing they mean three weeks of crap than they are absolutely correct.

Dean: You are just a ray of sunshine aren't ya?

Troy: Whatever....

Troy walks up and bumps into Collin who lands onto a big brute of a man. He's wearing a blue dress shirt, worn out jeans and sporting hankercheif around his arm aswell as a great big cowboy hat. He stares at Collin as he nervously stares back.

Collin: Hehe...Hello there my name is Collin, what's yours?

John: *in gruff voice* John....Can you get off my lap now boy!?

Collin: Oh, right, sorry!

Collin gives a wary chuckle and runs off, and sits on the nearest bench where a group of girls are seen talking.

LaMora: Well this is going to be a crazy experience...

Meghan: I know right, but hey there will be a lot to draw on my pad....

Stephanie: You draw?

Meghan: Yeah.

Stephanie: Oh, let me see!

Stephanie grabs the pad from Meghan and begins flipping through the pages, smiling.

Stephanie: These are great, you know, I'm kind of an artist myself!

Meghan: Oh really?

Stephanie: Yeah, this shirt was made by me!

Stephanie points at her shirt as it's covered in a sea of superheroes

Stephanie: Justice Man, The Bold Avenger, Armadillo Dave, Heat Girl-

Candace: We get it, you're a comic nerd, now shut it so I can take my selfie.

Candace Conf: I can already tell these girls are going to be annoying, we have the emo artist, the party girl, the fangirl and-

Jenny: *through the door* I know you are doing a confessional but you have been there for about five or six minutes and you are really holding us up, I think things would go a lot more smoothly if-

Candace tosses her spray can at Jenny as all the can be heard is a scream. Conf Ends

Willis: I'm so hungry....

John: Same, when is this got' dang plane going to land on the island, I'm starving!

Suddenly a TV pops out at the front of the area as a familiar face shows up,

Chris McLean: Hello, contestants! You fourteen have been chosen because we believe that you are the best and most interesting people to put on our show! *mutters* You were the only ones stupid enough to sign the contracts too......

LaMora: You know we heard that right?

Chris: I know, I just don't care. Anywho, this season will be on an island again!

Troy: Pahkitew Island a second time? How original....

Chris: Well maybe you should listen to what I say before you shoot off your f-.......freaking mouth...This season will not take place on Pahkitew Island. No, this time it's Boney Island!

Collin: B-B-Boney Island?

John: Collin, what did I say about you being on my lap.....

Chris: Yes, Boney Island, the home of the most violent and deadly creatures in the world, including mutants who can tear you to shreds, and eat you alive!

Stephanie: Awesome, I love mutants, my favorite comic is The Z Women, and it's about these group of people who form-

A meatball flies out of nowhere and hits Steph in the face as the camera pans to show Chef smiling with a launcher in hand.

Chris: Anybody else want to try to derail MY show? No? Good, now how about I tell you you're teams and get this show on the road!

Chris: Willis.......Dean.....Benny.......



Blanca: Great to meet you guys, WOO-

Chris: Shut up!

Blanca: Alright....

Chris: Candace..........

Chris: And.........Collin.

Chris: You are The Ravenous Ravens!

Benny: Nice!

--Conf-- Benny: I'm not really in this competition for the money, all I really want is to meet some new people, make some new friends...maybe even a girlfriend.... --Conf Ends--

Chris: Our second team will feature Andres.....Hayley

Hayley hugs Andres and happily looks at him.

Hayley: Hey there, I guess we're team mates!

Andres: Yeah..hehe...yeah....

Chris: Troy!


Meghan looks up from her sketchpad when her name is called before going back to drawing as the picture shows Chris being pushed off a cliff with Meghan smiling over him.

Chris: Jenny, and last but not least Stephanie!

Chris: You seven are....The Venomous Vipers!

Jenny: Alright, Vipers!

Troy: Alright, state what he just said!

Jenny: .....

Chris: Now that teams are set, let's get to our challenge!

LaMora: Challenge? How can we do one if we're not even on the island yet?

Chris: Simple. The challenge is to get to the island! The winning team gets to sleep in The Chris Brand Suite and enjoy an amazing meal while the losers are forced to sleep in sucky cabins!

Dean: Oh we are definitely winning this one, I'm not sleeping in that pig sty!

--Conf-- Dean: I can't bare to sleep in a cabin, no service, the used sheets, the terrible smell, and the germs, my god the germs, oh the horror!

A fly lands on Dean's face as he panics!

Dean: Ahhh! Filthy, filthy, filthy!

Dean sprays it with some bug spray and starts scooting away as he falls off the toilet and out of the door. --End Conf--

Willis: So how exactly are we supposed to get off this plane?

Chris: Oh, it's real easy.


All the contestants yell as they are plummeting down and off the plane.

John: When I land, I'll get to you and ring your neck!

Hayley: I'm scared Andres, hold me!


Stephanie: I wish I could fly right about now!

Just as it seems they are about to fall to their deaths the teams end up on boats.

Willis: We're alive? WE'RE ALIVE!

Willis hugs his team as the Vipers notice an unwelcomed guest. Benny landed on the wrong boat as he begins to stir.

Benny: What's going on...*sniff* Mmmm Strawberries....

Stephanie: Excuse me?

Benny: You smell pretty *comes to his senses* I mean, well, sorry.....

Benny jumps and swims to his teams boat in a hurry.

Benny: *to himself* You smell pretty? Stupid! *facepalms*

Dean: Hurry up weirdie, I'm not losing today!

Collin and Willis help Benny in as Dean pulls out the paddles.

Dean: Let's go already!

LaMora: Hey, cool it Richie Rich, we have time.

Blanca: Yeah, chill!

Dean: Whatever.......

Things are a lot more organized with the Vipers as the team gets to work immediately.

Jenny: John, Stephanie, Hayley, paddle, Andres, you look around our luggage to see if there is anything we can use as a sail, Meghan, you keep watch on the other team and Troy-

Troy: Woah, woah, listen how about I just sit here and offer support?

John: How about, I get up from my seat and kick your teeth down you're throat? We're going to work and so will you! Now, give him your directions little lady.

Jenny: Thanks, anyway, Troy, you need to stop the Ravens if they go for an attack.

Troy: Ugh....

Andres: I found nothing that can be used as a sail.

Jenny: It's fine Andres, you tried your best!

Andres: Um, ok...?

--Conf-- Andres: The girls on my team are really cool and all but, Stephanie's comic stuff isn't very interesting, Meghan just seems to draw all the time and Jenny is coming on a little too strong with her leadership. She means well but it's just kind of annoying. Hayley on the other hand, now she's the total opposite. She's great! --End Conf--

Dean: Stroke, stroke, stroke, we can't afford this!

Candace: *whispers to LaMora* Judging by how he dresses he can't afford some fashionable clothes either.

Dean: Silence! I'm getting real tired of-

A bird flies and nails Dean in the face as he falls down. Collin is near him with his book nearby as he shrugs at the camera and "accidentally" drops it on Dean.

Blanca: Great, now that the lemon is out of the way how about we handle this in a different approach.

Benny: Awesome! What is it?

Blanca: First, don't say awesome, that word is so overused, second, what if we surprise them with some projectiles.

LaMora: That seems kind of shady.....

Willis: Hey it's just trying to win.

LaMora: I guess......

"They're lagging a bit behind.*

Jenny: Great! Keep moving guys, you can do it!

John: It's hard to move with an empty stomach....

Andres: Well I do have some sandwiches.

John: Well get those things over here!

Andres lays them down as his team jumps for them, they open the containers and begin eating.

Meghan: These are delicious!

Jenny: Yeah!

Hayley: These are amazing Andres *smiles*

Troy: Eh, they're alright....

John: Alright? Sure...I need to make room

Just as John gets rid of his belt buckle a book hits him right in the face.

Meghan: Crud!

The Ravens begin tossing whatever junk they can before pretty soon all their luggage is off the boat.

Willis: We need something else to throw. Oh hey Dean, you're awake buddy.....

Soon after Dean is in the air as he lands on the ship and goes through the bottom of the boat as water comes in and the boat begins to sink.

Jenny: We can get through this guys!

Troy: Sure we can....

Meghan: Grab your stuff guys, we need to swim for it!

Meghan begins shoving stuff into her bag before jumping off but leaves her notepad there.

Andres: Meghan, wait you forgot your-

Hayley: Don't tell her.

Andres: Why?

Hayley: It's just going to be a small little prank....

Andres: Oh....

Andres puts the notepad in his things and jumps off, hand in hand with Hayley.

--Conf-- Hayley: Hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. It's obvious that thing is really important to Meghan, so why not take it? Even if it backfires, there's no blood on my hands, it's on Andres.... --End Conf--

Willis: That was great, we have this in the bag!

LaMora: That was kind of uncool, you stooped to Dean's level...

Benny: Hey, he's a huge jerk

Willis: Some people need to be humbled.

Candace: Yeah, he was being all bossy.

LaMora: I don't know though....

Collin: Hey, look, dead ahead, we're almost at the island!

Chris: The Ravenous Ravens are just a little bit away from the win, but look, what is coming up from the water? It's the Vipers!

Ravens in Usion: CRAP!

Chris: They're swimming like their lives depend on it, here they come.....



Chris: Wait, where's John?

Dean is holding John down under water as he notices his teams boat come by, He lets go of the grip and swiftly swims upward.

Chris: All of the Ravens have made it to the island, we have our winners!

Troy: Good going John, you couldn't even stop Dean from holding you back?

John: At least I put in effort during the challenge, unlike you!

Troy: Whatever, these people may be idiots, but they'll do what is best for the game!

John: Oh they will alright....

Ceremony ---------

Chris: Well, Vipers, you guys pretty much sucked.

Jenny: I wouldn't say that Chris, it's a work in progress, I believe if my team mates keep trying and working hard one day they will be just as great a contestant as me!

Stephanie: Yeah....

Chris: Good to know Jenny, I guess. I'm handing out marshmellows this season, if you do not recieve one you are out of the game, and can never come back, EVER.

Chris: First marshmallow goes to: Stephanie!

Chris: Meghan, you get a marshmallow too!

Meghan: Yes!

Chris: Jenny!

Chris: Andres

Andres: I was worried there for a second, hehe

Chris: Hayley!

Hayley: Yay, we still get to be together, Andres!

Chris: Bottom two time. John, you cost your team the challenge. Troy, you were just lazy.

Troy: Whatever

Chris: The last marshmallow goes to..........




..................................................................................................... JOHN!

Troy: WHAT!?

Chris: Don't worry Troy, this isn't an elimination challenge.

Vipers: WHAT!?

Chris: I bet you feel worried now, better hope you find that invincibility statue.

Troy: Invincibility statue?

Chris: Didn't I mention there was one deep in the woods? Troy? Troy?

Troy is long gone as the team comes to a realization and follows after him.

Chris: Well that was wild. Will Troy find the idol? Will Andres realize Hayley's evil ways, and will the feuding on the Ravens come to an end? Find out on the next exciting episode of....




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