Degrassi here again. As you all know, the wiki has been on a kind of a lull this past month, turning more away from the Total Drama RPs and instead a place for all of to get together. Although there's nothing wrong with that many members are wondering when the activities will pick up which is why I'm telling you what to expect over the next few weeks.

  • The Friday of next week is where we will wrap up MDR and premiere TDT.
  • A new schedule will be In effect and it'll go like this :
  • Every Friday will be a rotation of either TDBB, Survival or the soon to be debuting TDM!
  • Saturdays will be for the new season of our original non-TD RP: New Age Warriors (formerly titled New Age Heroes), it's 10 episodes so it won't be on for long.
  • At times New Age will have a companion on Saturdays, either an RP that didn't make the rotation, a stand alone special, a random or TDA.
  • Sunday's will be a pretty chill, lazy day for us. A chance to edit pages for the previous days RPs and to just hang.
  • Hijotee TDI will still be sprinkled in during the weekdays so don't think I forgot about it.
  • After a long hiatus, TDI is returning to go out with a bang! That's right, a full week on nonstop premieres all the way up to the grand finale! The date for this big event is to be announced Friday!

The Fall Season is looking to be a reboot for us and I hope that you're already to get back into the swing of things, there will be more announcements later on but until than, have a great night.

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