• DegrassiFTW27

    Indeed, NAPX is officially coming at us following the finale of New Age Heroes, our longest running non TD based RP of all time. This is a new take on the series as this time the next generation of heroes is put into an academy which separates the cast by 4 class levels based on skill. These 4 classes will be known as Elites, Intel Complex, Dark Seid and Fledglings! Joining the cast will be Meta and Aqua as full time members from the start. For those who haven't confirmed their characters yet feel free to leave a comment with a pic or tell us in chat. To keep everyone hyped here are the logos!



    Intel Complex:

    Dark Seid:


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  • DegrassiFTW27

    Yes indeed, based on the popular Total Drama Island challenge, this wiki wide event will be taking place right in our chatroom starting next Friday at 8PM Est. The person who stays awake and on chat the longest that weekend will get a very special prize I have been putting together. If you're interested in joining us in this epic endurance contest, leave a comment. No requirements needed all you have to say is "I'm in."

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  • DegrassiFTW27

    I've been thinking over the past few weeks and I believe it's time a new wiki activity is introduced. Within that time I was pondering, I came up with an idea that should be pretty fun. Every week there will be 2 teams, one led by an admin and the other led by a special guest captain. The two teams will engage in 3 competitions that are all about improvising and jokes. Once all 3 contests are over there will be a lightning round in which the main goal is to diss the competition. For every funny diss you get a bonus point. Once the time runs out, we'll tally the points and the team with the highest total wins the game. There'll only be 2 days for sign ups so hurry up quick if you're interested in participating. Be warned though, nothing is …

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  • DegrassiFTW27

    Temp Chat

    October 17, 2014 by DegrassiFTW27

    Edit: No longer needed.

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  • DegrassiFTW27

    Where do you feel this feud between Rocker started?

    During his rage, I called him out, then he got pissed off, he insulted me, and I get sick of his attitude so I state my opinion.

    Do you feel the claim that you are racist is warranted?

    Yes, but I am not racist IRL.

    Cool, cool, is there anybody you've had a rivalry with that you can now call a friend?

    Hm, maybe toast. He insulted me a lot a couple months ago, but he's pretty cool to be honest.

    Why all the hate for Dark?

    Some people find Dark funny, but it isn't so funny when you're the one he insults 24/7.

    When we first saw you, you were hanging out with Fiz and you've guys been close friends since we've known you, care to explain your first encounter with him?

    Fiz was the first TD wikia account I …

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