• Dark Knight Rebirth

    So my sister decided to fuck up by drunk driving and getting into an injury,therefore I will have to take a short hiatus for a couple of weeks in order for me and my parents to help pay her medical bill. Before you ask, yes this is from my mom’s side (aka the mexican side) and she wants everyone to help support her in her time of need so now I’ll be working three jobs alongside having to go to school for the next three weeks in order to help do my share and pay it off. Now it's time I contribute to the following.

    Heo - My roast for this weekend (now stfu Chwiis and continue to be proven wrong about what I will and won't do and if you keep it up I will make you and jro my personal soccer balls )

    Heo I’m not gonna lie, you are living in a fant…

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  • Dark Knight Rebirth

    For anyone having trouble with our local user JRO please state your problems here

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  • Dark Knight Rebirth
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  • Dark Knight Rebirth

    Think youre a true Squigga? If so , sign up in the comments below with a name and pic for your Squigga

    1.Dark - Leroy the Squigga

    2.Aqua - G.oddess the Squigga

    3.RJ - Squegro the Squigga 

    4.Chwiis - Tyrone the Squigga

    5.Toast - Laronesitus the Squigga

    6.Fiz - Hitler the Squigga

    7.Lego - Squiggity Squigg

    8.Rocky - PimpSlap The Squigga

    9.Milk - S-Money the Squigga


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